Assassin's Creed Odyssey: How to Beat the Medusa Boss Fight

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: How to Beat the Medusa Boss Fight

The ancient gorgon Medusa, also known as the Writhing Dread, is the final boss of the Romancing the Stone Garden quest. Here's how you can slay her and get a piece of Atlantis.

While trying to unlock Atlantis in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you'll have to fight several mythological creatures and take their Atlantean artefacts. The most powerful boss of all is Medusa, a deadly gorgon who uses beams of energy to turn her enemies to stone. We'll show you how to beat the Medusa boss fight and what you can do to make it easier.

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How to Beat the Medusa Boss Fight in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The Medusa boss fight is one of the hardest in all Assassin's Creed Odyssey, a powerful enemy with a huge amount of health who can hamper and damage you in the same attack. There are certain means you can use to beat her though, as well as important strategies we've laid out below.

Medusa will attack from range, even when fighting her goons. | Joel Franey/USG, Ubisoft

Best Loadout to Beat the Medusa Boss Fight

What armour and weapons you utilize will depend on your playstyle, but it's worth clarifying that stealth can't help you in this fight. We recommend prioritizing a warrior build, as while Medusa can be fought from a distance, she also summons minions who will attack from every angle and keep you in the close range.

You'll also want to work on boosting your health and armor rating over your damage. Don't get us wrong, if you can boost both that's great, but if you have to pick one it's better to be durable than damaging. Medusa has many moves that can decimate your health bar, and her own massive health means that no matter how powerful you become, this fight will still go on for a while. Sooner or later she's going to hit you with a powerful attack, and it's better to have enough health that you can be assured you'll survive any mistakes. Remember, you're playing the long game in this fight. The legendary Immortal armor is a good pick if you can find it, which we've laid out how to get here.

For weapons, it's better to get a weapon that does lasting effects, such as fire or poison, with abilities that'll enhance those elements. Go to a blacksmith and upgrade these kinds of weapons up to your level. You'll also want the Second Wind ability, Fire Attacks and Battlecry of Ares if you can, to bolster this strategy. It's hard to get regular hits on Medusa, so you'll want to boost the damage of each individual strike; not to mention Battlecry gives you temporary immortality.

Do I need the Gorgon Slayer spear?

No, by our experience. When we tried using the Gorgon Slayer spear found in the Heavy is the Spear quest, it didn't seem to be any better than a regular spear, so any damage increase or effect it was having seemed unnecessary when compared to the loadout above.

Medusa Boss Fight Guide

Once you start fighting Medusa, you'll need all your wits about you as she uses various kinds of attacks to injure and hamper your movement. Here's the best advice we can give.

  • When the fight begins, she'll protect herself in a shield and summon stony minions to attack you. You can't hurt her when she's in the energy bubble, and will have to draw her out by killing the minions. They tend to mass around you but don't have much health, so use wide, swinging attacks to knock them down and clear them out fast.
  • While this is going on, she'll be blasting you from a distance with the attacks mentioned below. Keep in cover and move towards it if you're not.
  • Once they're dead, Medusa will engage you directly. Her main strategy involves teleporting around and using ranged attacks to hurt you, while also staying partially invisible at times.
  • The most notable attack is her eye beam, seen in the opening cinematic. This will do heavy damage and start to turn Kassandra/Alexios to stone, greatly slowing your movements. This will last for a while until it fades, and leave you very vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
  • When you see the beam appear, grab some cover behind one of the columns. The beam itself is harmless until you see it suddenly intensify with a little spiral pattern around it - this is when it starts doing damage, and when you need to be out of the way. You can actual fire an arrow around the column while still remaining in cover, a useful way to chip at her health.
  • Medusa will also summon aerial blasts, marked in advance by circles on the ground. These always appear in groups of three - roll out of the way when they appear.
  • Her other attack is a sudden grab on those who're close enough. If you see her flash red and reel backwards, she's about to grab you and do huge damage. It's unblockable, so roll backwards or to your left to have the best chance of avoiding it.
  • Your main strategy should be to focus on evasive play and try and get close enough for a few high damaging swings that have lasting effects. Blocking does very little in this fight, so use rolls and dodges to move between attacks and hit her as hard as possible before she teleports away. The last fire or poison will also mark her more clearly, stopping her from utilizing her invisibility properly.
  • She'll summon more minions and shield herself two more times over the course of the fight. Remember to take cover.
  • If you need arrows, her minions will drop them, as well as there being a few weapon racks around the outside of the arena.
Fire attacks can do long-term damage and reveal her location, even when invisible. | Joel Franey/USG, Ubisoft

Medusa Boss Fight Rewards

For defeating the legendary Medusa you'll get a huge boost of XP, the Piece of Eden artefact, a Medusa figurehead for the Adrestia, and legendary Harpe of Peseus sword, which causes your abilities to recharge 25% faster. Nice!

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