Assassin's Creed Origins PSA: You Can Change Bayek's Hairstyle

Assassin's Creed Origins PSA: You Can Change Bayek's Hairstyle

Return to the original scruffy look that's far superior.

When you begin Assassin's Creed Origins, main character Bayek is sporting an excellent mane of natural hair and an impressive beard. At some point in the main campaign though, all that hair gets shaved off, giving Bayek a no-nonsense military look. That's fine and all, but I spent the rest of my review time with the wondering why I couldn't change back. He looked cooler before!

In Origins, you can change your costumes freely. You can also toggle the hood of any costume by selecting it in your Gear menu and tapping the Interaction button (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One). All these options appear in cutscenes as well, allowing for some degree of personalization.

But did you know you can change Bayek's hair as easily as you put his hood up and down? By hitting Left Trigger and the Interaction button (Triangle or Y) at the same time anywhere else on the Gear menu, you can switch Bayek's hair from shaven to the full head of hair. By pressing Right Trigger and the Interaction button, you can switch between beard and no beard.

These are all independent options, so you can mix and match, with the exception of the full head of hair with the hood up. If you want Bayek with the mountain man beard, that's available for you! I included screenshots of each look above. For my part, I think I'm keeping the hair, but ditching the beard and hood. Some story cutscenes switch Bayek back to his intended look, but you can just switch it right back after.

Assassin's Creed Origins is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you need a bit of help with the game, check out our guides!

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