AtGames is Powering the Sega Genesis Mini According to Deleted Tweet

Details emerge, then disappear about the Sega Genesis Mini.

Last week Sega announced at its annual fan festival that the company will be releasing a Sega Genesis mini. However, aside from a physical model of the kit, no details of the games or its development were shared. Well, according to a now deleted tweet, we now know that the Genesis mini is being developed on AtGames hardware.

While the original tweet was deleted, our colleagues at NintendoLife was able to snag a screenshot from the official @ATGFlashback twitter account that announced that the Sega Genesis Mini in Japan will be "powered by the latest AtGames technology." The company added that the "new and improved" technology will be the same one powering the Sega Genesis Mini in US and other territories.

Source: NintendoLife

We don't know why the tweet was deleted. Either AtGames announced the new prematurely, or the move was in response to the negative tweets responding to the original message. The latter is a bit understandable as AtGames' previous Sega hardware offerings haven't been well-received critically.

While AtGames says that tech is new and improved, reviews of previous AtGames Sega products like the Sega Genesis Flashback have been panned. GameSpot compared it negatively to the NES Classic and previous iterations of the product haven't fared that much better.

The fact that Sega showed off the Sega Genesis Mini at SegaFES this year might suggest that the company will oversee the new mini console, which will hopefully ensure some quality. But at this point we would also feel that the product would be more interesting if Sega took the lead on the project as well.

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