Atlus Gauges Interest in Persona 3 and More With an Extensive Survey

Atlus Gauges Interest in Persona 3 and More With an Extensive Survey

Atlus asked fans, "Would'jya like to take a surrrrvey?"

When RPG fans learned Atlus was a guest at 2020's New Games+ Expo, they immediately started penning their wishlists. "Persona 5 on Switch!" "Persona 3 remake!" Alas, there was disappointment all around yesterday when Atlus showed off a lot of Catherine: Full Body for Switch, and not much else. Don't lose hope, though: Atlus also asked fans based in the US and UK to fill out an extensive survey that measures, amongst other things, their interest in Persona 3.

The survey is currently online here, but for those outside the target regions, Persona Central has a record of all the Atlus-specific questions on the form. (The survey also contained questions about Sega properties like Yakuza and Sonic the Hedgehog.) Some queries of note: "Which of the following Persona 3 Series titles you have ever played?" "Which title from the Persona 3 Series franchise did you play first?" and "Tell us what you like or dislike about Persona 3 Series."

There were also questions asking the survey's takers if they were likely to purchase a Persona 3 sequel, remake, remaster, or DLC. Not everyone answered the same questions: As Persona Central notes, "The survey questions for specific series [were] random and they [included] different Atlus properties depending on the user." Indeed, one of the questions in the survey asked the taker to identify the Atlus properties they've played. The list included Odin Sphere, Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei, Dragon's Crown, and others.

Before you go off to find a live chicken to slaughter for your Koromaru shrine, remember that a survey isn't proof Atlus is thinking about giving us a Persona 3 re-release, remaster, or otherwise. It's just gauging fan interest in the game, which is admittedly a blind spot for Persona fans who came into the series with Persona 4 or 5. (I haven't played it, nor have I played Persona 3 FES or Persona 3 Portable.) That said, Persona 4 Golden is a big hit on PC, so now's a perfect time for Atlus to look at fan feedback before it decides what to tackle next.

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