Atlus Releases New Persona 5 Ultimate Edition, but It's Pretty Expensive

A complete digital edition of the game will come with all the DLC.

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If you missed out on picking up Persona 5 from earlier this year, now's your chance to get the whole collection in one piece. But be warned, it's kind of expensive.

Atlus is currently selling several new Persona 5 packages on the PSN store right now. The biggest is the persona 5 Ultimate Edition, which for a whopping $124.99 (for PS4, $114.99 for PS3) you can get:

  • Persona 5 game
  • All Personas
  • All Costume + BGMs
  • Healing Item Set
  • Japanese Audio Track
  • New Difficulty Level
  • Skill Card Set
All-out attack!

The Persona 5 Ultimate Edition will give you a big leg up if it's your first time playing Persona 5. Although we do have our own complete guide which you can read for free and includes all kinds of valuable information for your playthrough.

Also, if you want the DLC but find that $124.99 is too much, there are two other bundles Atlus put out today. These include the Costume Bundle which comes with all the DLC costume sets, and the Persona Bundle which comes with the DLC Persona. Both of those bundles are priced at $59.99 and $19.99 respectively for both PS4 and PS3.

Persona 5 Costume Bundle

  • Catherine Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Persona 4: Dancing All Night Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Persona 2 Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Persona 3 Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Persona 4 Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Persona 5 Christmas Costume Set
  • Persona 5 Maid and Butler Costume Set
  • Persona 5 Persona 20th Anniversary Logo
  • Persona 5 Swimsuit Costume Set
  • Phantom Thieves Logo Morgana Car Sticker
  • Regular Clothes & School Uniforms Set
  • Shin Megami Tensei if... Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Costume & BGM Special Set
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Costume & BGM Special Set

Persona 5 Persona Bundle

  • Ariadne & Ariadne Picaro
  • Asterius & Asterius Picaro
  • Izanagi & Izanagi Picaro
  • Kaguya & Kaguya Picaro
  • Magatsu Izanagi & Magatsu Izanagi Picaro
  • Messiah & Messiah Picaro
  • Orpheus & Orpheus Picaro
  • Thanatos & Thanatos Picaro
  • Tsukiyomi & Tsukiyomi Picaro

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  • Avatar for Flipsider99 #1 Flipsider99 6 months ago
    I love Persona 5, it's "NieR" to being my favorite game of the year (get it?)... but I wouldn't get this. The costumes are cool and all, but I'm not rich enough to justify paying all this money on them.
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  • Avatar for Natabuu #2 Natabuu 6 months ago
    It should be noted that only the personas and costume/BGM packs based on past games are paid DLC.

    What's free DLC:
    Healing Item Set, Japanese Audio Track, New Difficulty Level and Skill Card Set
    The regular clothes/uniforms, swimsuit and Christmas costumes
    Persona and Morgana logo car decals
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  • Avatar for swamped #3 swamped 6 months ago
    @Natabuu Thanks for clarifying, I was about to say, what a ripoff if the Japanese audio is paid DLC. Not that it hasn't been done before...Edited October 2017 by swamped
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  • Avatar for One_Vurfed_Gwrx #4 One_Vurfed_Gwrx 6 months ago
    @R.A.D. the only important bits of DLC (Japanese audio and new difficulty) are free. The restif this is cosmetic so completely unnecessary so hardly treating fans like garbage. You could argue that SMT IV was worse than this as it had some paid DLC that had bosses and quests. I do agree that I like all my key content to be in the main games though but don't mind sruff like costumes beijg paid for as you don't need them at all.
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  • Avatar for garion333 #5 garion333 6 months ago
    Def not the type of DLC I'm interested in paying money for. Each to their own, though.
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  • Avatar for Nuclear-Vomit #6 Nuclear-Vomit 6 months ago
    Oh Man... can someone motivate me to finish Futaba palace?
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  • Avatar for Frosty840 #7 Frosty840 6 months ago
    Having not bought Persona 5 at all yet, can anyone tell me what, if any, of the paid DLC actually has a gameplay effect?
    If it's all just palette swaps I think I'll somehow manage to ignore it.
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #8 Roto13 5 months ago
    @Frosty840 There are some personas that are only DLC, but they're not really important. Most of the DLC isn't worth owning.
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