Atomic Heart Looks Like a Demented Mix of Bioshock and Fallout

The first full trailer for the Soviet Union-era FPS.

News by Matt Kim, .

Developer Mundfish finally lifted the veil from Atomic Heart, a new game set in an alternate history Soviet Union that looks like a mix between BioShock and Fallout. The trailer is staggering to say the least, full of sci-fi horror and retro dangers.

Mundfish says the game is "an adventure first-person shooter" set during the peak of the Soviet Union. Players take the role of special agent P-3 who is out working on behalf of the government. No release date for Atomic Heart yet, but the game will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2018.

The trailer is set to some kind of Russian big band song, but it's the game's visuals that have me particularly interested. Psychedelic scenes bleed into Fallout-esque retro-futurist environments. There's a lot of mystery in this trailer, but also some key gameplay revelations. Weapon customization looks pretty robust, and if that map teased towards the end of the trailer is accurate, the game world is apparently massive.

The game was apparently considered as a VR game, but seems to have spun off into a console title. Mundfish is still working on a VR experience called Soviet Lunapark VR which is set in the same univers.

Atomic Heart has piqued my interest and I will be following along with the game and keeping an eye on its release date.

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