August PS Plus Games Feature Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight for PS4

August PS Plus Games Feature Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight for PS4

Also Serious Sam on PS3, Draw Smasher on PS Vita.

Sony announced the free PlayStation Plus games for August 2018 today. This month's free titles include Mafia 3, and the online PvP horror game Dead by Daylight.

Mafia 3 is Hangar 13's updated take on the Mafia series starring Vietnam war veteran Lincoln Clay as he comes back to the United States and kickstarts a tale of revenge against the Italian mob in the fictional city of New Bourdeaux. The open world game allows Clay to explore the city freely while building up his own criminal enterprise. Mafia 3 received plenty of praise for its narrative, but many noted technical and gameplay issues at the time of release. You can check out our Mafia 3 review here.

Dead By Daylight

The other PS4 game for August is Dead by Daylight, a 4v1 PvP game where three players are "survivors" in a typical horror movie setting and one player is a killer tasked with hunting them down. The gameplay is reminiscent of classic horror films like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street where teens try and outlast a big bad villain. Dead by Daylight's expansions even added characters based on Freddy Krueger and Leatherface to the game.

Rounding out the list of PS Plus games are Bound by Flame (PS3), Serious Sam 3 BFE (PS3), Draw Slasher (PS Vita), and Space Hulk (PS Vita). Just as a reminder starting March 2019 PS Vita games will no longer be included as part of the PS Plus subscription service.

As part of PlayStation's premium PS Plus tier, subscribers get access to online play and some free games each month. Access to these games are valid as long as subscribers are members of PS Plus, and these games will no longer be available to play if subscription is dropped or cancelled. For the Xbox equilvalent, check out this month's free Xbox Games with Gold titles.

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