Avalanche Gives Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Team its Blessing

The impressive open-world multiplayer mod is set to hit Steam later this month.

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Just Cause 2 is a thoroughly silly, thoroughly entertaining game. It was just missing one thing: open-world multiplayer.

It wasn't through lack of trying, either; developer Avalanche Studios originally intended to create a multiplayer component for the game, but never got around to implementing it fully for various reasons -- one of which was the belief that protagonist Rico's personality wasn't really well suited to multiplayer.

Fortunately, a resourceful group of modders managed to fix this particular issue, with the popular mod JC2-MP supporting ridiculous numbers of players running around the same map and causing chaos together -- and proving in the process that people seem to care more about playing the game online with friends than the canonical personality of the game's protagonist. Just Cause 2 was never a particularly story-centric game, after all; it was more about tying jeeps to helicopters and then flinging them both off a cliff while firing rockets at them.

This video is from June of last year; the mod's come a long way since then.

Now JC2-MP is coming to Steam as a piece of free DLC for the game, Avalanche has not only given the mod its blessing, but expressed an interest in working together with the JC2-MP team in the future.

"At first we couldn't believe it was real," Avalanche's head honcho Christofer Sundberg told our sister site Eurogamer. "The JC2-MP team has done a fantastic job. They are a super-talented group of game developers that I'd love to work closer with in the future, despite the physical distance between us.

Rumors of Just Cause 3 arose earlier this week when Avalanche published a video of the team on a fact-finding expedition to research environments for future games. The company has remained coy on the subject, however, refusing to confirm or deny whether it's planning a new entry in the series -- many of the assets gathered during the trip will make it into its upcoming Mad Max game, due out next year.

"We have been discussing what we'd like to do with the Just Cause IP in the future," said Sundberg, "but it's too early to talk about it just yet."

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