Awesomenauts Gets Charitable with New Skin

Awesomenauts Gets Charitable with New Skin

2D Dota-like Awesomenauts is supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation with a new charitable customization option.

A great deal of good has come from the games industry, particularly in the last few years, but one of the things that should give us all a particularly warm and fuzzy glow inside is how well-suited gaming is to supporting charitable initiatives.

From the Extra Life gaming marathons to the $26 million+ that Humble Bundle has raised for charity, it seems that both gamers and game-makers alike are an inherently generous lot. Which is great, of course; what's better than doing good while doing something you love?

That's exactly the thinking behind Ronimo Games' impending update to its 2D Dota-like Awesomenauts. Version 1.25 of the game will incorporate, among other things, a new skin for the "Sheriff Lonestar" character that directly supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Private Mels, as the new skin is called, gives Lonestar a military uniform and gives his bull-throwing special ability a visual makeover. The skin is based on an original design created by a child who visited the Ronimo Games studio as part of a trip organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and all revenue generated from sales of the skin for the remainder of the year will be donated directly to the foundation.

The update also allows those who backed the game's Starstorm expansion on Kickstarter to change the announcer's voice to either Pappa Gnaw or Voltar, and those who backed the game at a "beta access" tier are now able to try out a new character called Ted McPain prior to his release to the public.

Find out more about Awesomenauts on the official site. Or just hang around here and bug Cassandra about it.

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