Axe of the Blood God: Final Fantasy IX Report #3, Golf Story, and Chris Kohler's Adventures in Importing Final Fantasy V

PODCAST | This week's newest RPGs, the newest entry in our Final Fantasy Report, and more!

Article by Kat Bailey, .

Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. You can find the previous episodes here.

In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God (download link here), we examine this week's newest RPGs, continue our Final Fantasy IX deep dive, and welcome Kotaku editor and Retronauts contributor Chris Kohler!

Chris' new book on Final Fantasy V is now available on Amazon, where he recounts his experiences in the hardcore import community surrounding the game, as well as discusses its creation. He talks about all of that on the pod and more!

Also in this episode: We talk about Regent Cid, Lindblum, and the awesome airship chase in Final Fantasy Report #3. We talk about Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. And we discuss this month's hottest RPG: Golf Story!

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Show Description

Kat and Nadia discuss a couple of this week's biggest RPG releases—Dragon's Dogma and Mario & Luigi—as well as Golf Story, then jump into the third Final Fantasy IX Report [16:00]. How cool is that airship chase? What's up with Regent Cid? All that and more. Plus: Kotaku editor and Retronauts contributor Chris Kohler joins us to discuss his adventures in importing Final Fantasy V for his newest book! [38:05].

Music from Axe of the Blood God is courtesy of Lena Chappelle, who has also contributed the themes to Active Time Babble and Roleplayers' Realm. I also use music from the RPG Music Pack over at Check it out!

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  • Avatar for Talraen #1 Talraen A year ago
    I like Zidane generally, but I thought the scene later in the game where he hits rock bottom was especially great. Of course, that has a lot to do with his companions. And it features You're Not Alone, by favorite track from the game. Of course, Nadia hasn't gotten that far yet so I can forgive her for hating on Zidane. ;)
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #2 riderkicker A year ago
    Wow, 1993? trying to get a copy of FF5 and the value has plummeted so much. Odd thing about my attempt to replace the battery in a cartridge, the save data remained intact!
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  • Avatar for The-Challenger #3 The-Challenger A year ago
    Remember: Always sell ether's for extra money. The moogle mail isn't important (just a fun distraction). Always ride chocobo's if you want to avoid random battles on the world map. Oh, you can also use tents in battle.
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #4 Jonnyboy407 A year ago
    I'll stick up for zidane a little bit too (not that Nadia hates him and hotly anticipates his death in disk 2). I like the guy but he's definitely a different direction for a main character, especially among the ps1 final fantasies.

    He's a character that has already achieved self actualization (or so it seems) when you first meet him. He doesn't have an inner struggle or journey that reflects his external journey. He's along for the ride.

    He functions more as a side character in the narrative, helping Garnet on her journey to self reliance, Vivi on his journey to self confidence (among other things, no spoilers). It's not until his own sense of self and identify is shattered that he has a personal journey to complete.

    What also sets him apart is his whimsical, fun loving nature and that helpful attitude, a far cry from cloud and squall. And I think that's why I like him. He's a new flavor.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #5 riderkicker A year ago
    What ever happened to Christian Nutt? Is he working for a hush hush company?

    I first learned how to read Japanese with an issue of Raijin Comics, probably issue 9, as it had the Hepburn Kana chart and I obsessively spent one summer trying to decipher an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, reading the Rubi and consulting a dictionary for certain words. I have about 50% of the Katakana table memorized by heart but I really should resume my studies considering it is great to master a language, and it would lead me to learning more due to the family tree.

    Did the knowledge help me understand how to play Super Robot Wars? Somewhat as I still manage to memorize what words do without learning how to pronounce"Concentrate" or "Hot Blood" plus characters names are straightforward. I never bothered with RPGs of the same caliber as Kohler mentioned. Great talk and I hope he comes back.
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