Axe of the Blood God Figures Out Where Ni No Kuni 2's Story Went Wrong

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD | A spoiler-filled discussion of NNK2's story, Monster Hunter World's new event, and more.

Article by Kat Bailey, .

Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. You can find the previous episodes here.

Where did Ni No Kuni 2's story go wrong? Nadia and I have thoughts as we wrap up our discussion of Level-5's latest RPG. [download link here]

With Nadia having finished Ni No Kuni 2, we go in-depth on the story in a kind of impromptu RPG report. We talk about many of the subjects covered here, but we also touch on issues like Ni No Kuni 2's attempt to grapple with class warfare. It's a spoiler-filled discussion that begins at 22:52 and continues to 01:07:16. Join us as we finish up Ni No Kuni 2!

But that's not all! I also talk about why I'm trying to wean myself off Monster Hunter World, Persona 5's gay panic, and event more of the best legendary weapons!

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Show Description

Kat and Nadia have discuss Ni No Kuni 2's story and where it went wrong as they wrap up their conversation about Level-5's sequel [22:52]. Plus: The pair talk about Monster Hunter World's new event, Persona 5's gay panic, and even more legendary weapons. Note: Spoilers for NNK2 begin at 22:52 and end at 01:07:16!

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  • Avatar for riderkicker #1 riderkicker 4 months ago
    Gundam Ah-ge.

    RPG Journal this week: I finally used my other 20% coupon and bought another costume pack for Persona 5, and got back into the game. I managed to finished the first dungeon in the one possible ingame day, and playing it as Raidou Kuzunoha and co. is f-ing badass.Edited April 2018 by riderkicker
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  • Avatar for Maxbeedo #2 Maxbeedo 4 months ago
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about Kat's thoughts on P5 once she gets through the meaty middle of the Persona 5 sandwich (or cream-filled middle of the Persona 5 Oreo?), which I consider to be the best part of that game.
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  • Avatar for phoenecia #3 phoenecia 4 months ago
    I finished Ni No Kuni 2 and mostly have the same feelings as you two do. I really liked the art direction and the kingdom building, but found about half of the game to be either underdeveloped or inconsequential. I also thought the game had a strong opening that the game never really delivered on. It's kinda sad when you finish a game and you get this melancholy because you spent a few dozen hours with these characters and there's still so much you wanted to know about them.

    And Kat is right. The overworld was uuuugly.Edited 3 times. Last edited April 2018 by phoenecia
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  • Avatar for yuberus #4 yuberus 4 months ago
    Persona 5 does keep you busy more than 4, but conversely I had stretches of 4 where I didn't know what to do to kill time. (and as noted elsewhere, the dungeons in 4 are awful).

    Once you pick up some SP adhesives it's pretty doable to finish each palace in one day (plus a second day for the boss fight), which opens up your schedule immensely. I don't think I spent more than the minimum needed time for a dungeon past the first one.
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  • Avatar for funktron #5 funktron 4 months ago
    Greetings, high priestesses of the Blood God!

    I want to stick up for Fantasy Life a bit. OK, the character models are super bland. Sure, the combat isn't anything special. You're right, the story bits are just OK, and have way too much chatter. But... I had so much fun futzing around in-between story segments. I really got into the job system, the world was fun to explore, and I had a blast for most of my time playing it.

    I can't call it a great game, but it's at least a good game.

    (FWIW, the reincarnated GIA has great article about doing a pacifist run in the game, and how much care went into making sure the game supported that style of approach. Level 5 put a lot of thought into the details to support this style of playing.)
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #6 Kuni-Nino 4 months ago
    I think Level 5 has always been overrated as an RPG developer. Their games have only gotten traction because they have always looked super pretty like Rogue Galaxy.

    Anyways, forget them. Can I more of Kat’s thoughts on Gundam? I want her opinion on Iron Blood Orphans.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #7 donkeyintheforest 4 months ago
    you both talking about the simplifying of complex problems in nino kuni 2 reminded me of the captain america movie where they defeated hydra and solved the problem of unnecessary government surveillance haha
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