Axe of the Blood God: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Review, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, FFIX Report #9

PODCAST | Kat and Nadia discuss a big week in RPGs!

Article by Kat Bailey, .

Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. You can find the previous episodes here.

In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God (download link here), Nadia and I cover the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, initial Xenoblade Chronicles 2 impressions, and of course, our ninth Final Fantasy IX Report!

It's a deceptively big RPG week thanks to the release of Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition, Skyrim on Switch (and Skyrim VR), and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Nadia is also reviewing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and she has some initial thoughts on how it compares to the original game.

Also in this episode: I explain why there should never be another "third version" of a Pokemon game, and we explore Zidane's existential crisis in Final Fantasy IX Report #9!

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Show Description

Kat and Nadia talk about a big week for RPG releases as Nadia shares her initial thoughts on the review version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Kat explains why Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon should be the last of the updated third versions [29:30]. Then the pair delve into the battle with the Four Fiends and Zidane's big existential crisis with Final Fantasy IX Report #9 [50:28].

Music from Axe of the Blood God is courtesy of Lena Chappelle, who has also contributed the themes to Active Time Babble and Roleplayers' Realm. I also use music from the RPG Music Pack over at Check it out!

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  • Avatar for riderkicker #1 riderkicker 9 months ago
    But Kat, Call of Duty is also an RPG, and you're the boss, you can make Matt Kim talk about it for the pod.

    Edited 2 times. Last edited November 2017 by riderkicker
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  • Avatar for ajchase #2 ajchase 9 months ago
    Canadian here, one with a hearty eastcoast accent. Sorry to say but the way you said "No I Don't" had the most Canadian pronunciation.

    I find the Canadian accent is one that heavily relies on cadence and ending most sentences so they sounds like recommendations. I always found our "about" was less an a-boot and closer to a-bow-ute.

    One thing Americans don't consider is that Canada is bigger than the US, and thus has a massive variety to the accents. Albertans sounds like Canadian Minnesotans, Newfies sound like Scottish grandpas trying to speak in Olde English and folks from Toronto sound like Canadians trying not to sound Canadian, on stage.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #3 riderkicker 9 months ago
    Wouldn't you also throw Tidus from FFX into the mix with Cloud, Terra, Cecil, and Zidane? I mean he finds out he's like Freddy Krueger from Elm Street 2. Yipes.
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #4 Jonnyboy407 9 months ago
    Flaafy of course evolves in Ampharos, and it'll happen at Lv30.

    I hope you stick with her/him even after you import your faves. Ampharos is one of my faves. She's quite bulky with awesome special attack and can learn a ton of different moves for wide coverage. My final moveset on one was thunderbolt (for STAB), power gem, signal beam and dragon pulse - giving it a super effective attack on 8 or 9 different types. And the only thing you're really worried about is ground type attack, unless you go Mega.

    Anyway. Ampharos is pretty cool!
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  • Avatar for daverhodus #5 daverhodus 9 months ago
    I was a janitor during the GBA era. The day Advance Wars came out I wound up staying at work an extra hour because I completely lost track of time.
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #6 Kuni-Nino 8 months ago
    I can honestly listen to Kat talk about Pokémon for all of eternity. Such wonderful insight. You're totally right about the scrapping third versions in favor of DLC.
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