Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition Comes to the Switch, but is More Expensive

Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition Comes to the Switch, but is More Expensive

Honestly, I just want more video game documentaries.

A critically-acclaimed, modern Metroidvania game returns as BadLand Games and Thomas Happ announce Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition for the Nintendo Switch. The new edition will also include a new documentary from 2 Player Productions chronicling the making-of Axiom Verge. Oddly enough, the Switch version is priced 10 Euros higher than on other consoles.

"People often asked me about the early days of Axiom Verge - about how I was able to make a game completely on my own over the course of five years of evenings and weekends while holding down a full time job," said developer Thomas Happ in a statement. "The long-form documentary format really made it possible for me to take the time and explain that process[.]"

The Multiverse edition includes the base game, an art booklet, a poster, soundtrack (only on the Switch), and the documentary. I'm personally interested in the documentary included in the new edition. There has been a ton of great work in the video game documentary space lately with the No Clip series from Danny O'Dwyer to Indie Game: The Movie. 2 Player Productions previously worked on documentaries covering Uncharted 3, Minecraft, and Double Fine Adventure.

Oddly enough, the physical editions of the Axiom Verge Multiverse edition is listed at 29.99 USD for the Wii U, PS4, and PS Vita, but the Switch version, which adds the soundtrack, is priced at 39.99 Euros.

Axiom Verge first came out on the PlayStation 4 back in March 2015, and subsequently released on PC, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, and now the Switch. Taking cues from classic Metroidvania games, Axiom Verge is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game that takes place on the alien planet, Sudra. Our review awarded Axiom Verge a five out of five saying, "although it closely follows the Metroidvania blueprint, the brilliantly designed and executed Axiom Verge adds enough new and original features to make it a truly great game in its own right." It was also called an "absolute must for retro fans."

Axiom Verge: The Multiverse Edition comes to the Switch, Wii U, PS4, and Vita on August 2017.

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