Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja Is Using Fan Art as a Promo Image on the Nintendo eShop

File this under "sure, why not?"

If you recall, Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja was a 1988 arcade game from Data East. Well it's coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 21 thanks Flying Tiger Entertainment, but something seems wrong about the promo image used in the official Nintendo eShop store page. Almost like the sprites shown in the image are reskinned characters from other games? Well that's because it is.

As pointed out on Twitter by user @Arc_Hound, the promo image for the upcoming Bad Dudes Switch re-release is not actually official art from the game. Instead, Nintendo Life discovered that it is a mock-up made by an artist on DeviantArt which basically features reskinned sprites from games like Double Dragon '95, Art of Fighting 2, and King of Fighters.

Flying Tiger Entertainment currently has the rights to Data East's Bad Dudes, hence the re-release, but something tells me that they weren't able to find assets to officially promote the game. This is weird since, as @Arc_Hound notes, there's just a lot of original art assets lying around the internet that might have been better suited for the promotion, rather than ripping off a DeviantArt artist (DeviantArtist?). As of this writing, the promo image still hasn't been removed.

In the meantime, you'll be sad to know that when Bad Dudes does come out on March 21, it will not look like the promotional image featured on the Nintendo eShop store.

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