Batman: Arkham Knight - Find Ivy's Plant, Joker Infected, Harley Quinn

Batman: Arkham Knight - Find Ivy's Plant, Joker Infected, Harley Quinn

Team with Poison Ivy to rescue the city from the Cloudburst.

This page will serve as part three of our Batman: Arkham Knight City of Fear walkthrough. We'll help you to team with Poison Ivy to rescue the city from the Cloudburst, and then return Albert King, Johnny Charisma and Christina Bell to their cells.

Set Up Countermeasures Against the Cloudburst Device

Objective: Meet with Ivy at the GCPD Lockup.

Objective: Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens.

Objective: Scan the Arkham Knight's Cobra drone to identify a weakness.

Grapple up to the roof, then glide or take the Batmobile over to the GCPD lockup. Make your way to the waypoint, which is Ivy's cell, and speak with Ivy. Get back into the Batmobile and head toward street level only to be stopped by a massive tank.

Get out of the Batmobile and crouch to get through the garage door. You need to grapple around the low-hanging objects and platforms to scan the Cobra drone for weaknesses (hold Up on the d-pad). You must scan it from relatively close range and scan the back, left and right sides. You can be a little farther away if necessary, so long as you zoom in (R3) to scan it.

Objective: Destroy the Arkham Knight's Cobra drone.

Summon the Batmobile and watch your radar. You need to sneak up behind the Cobra drone, which means watching the direction it's facing on your radar. You can use the buildings for cover to hide from the Cobra's scans. Battle mode makes it much easier to maneuver through the city as you approach from behind. Once you're behind the Cobra drone you need to stay behind it long enough to get a lock, then fire your 60mm Cannon (R2 / RT) to destroy it.

Objective: Equip a new Secondary Weapon for the Batmobile at Clock Tower facility.

Objective: Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens. (continued)

Objective: Destroy the Cobra tanks on Miagani Island.

Head to the next waypoint in the Batmobile to equip the next upgrade, then continue on toward the Botanical Gardens. As you start to get close, three more Cobra tanks will be deployed. You need to destroy all three before continuing to the Botanical Gardens.

Watch your radar again to determine the location of each Cobra tank. Choose the one easiest to get behind without alerting the other two. There should be one a little bit away from the others that should be your first target. Continue moving around in Battle Mode until you successfully get behind each Cobra tank and take it down. Once all three are taken care of, you unlock the Most Wanted: Own the Roads mission set. Head over to our walkthrough of those missions or continue reading to proceed with the City of Fear missions.

Objective: Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens. (continued)

You can finally complete your objective by parking the Batmobile in the highlighted area near the Botanical Gardens. After a short cut scene you unlock the Most Wanted: Two-Faced Bandit mission set. Head over to our walkthrough to complete those missions, or continue reading if you wish to proceed with the City of Fear missions.

Objective: Head to Wayne Tower parking garage and collect Ivy plant tracking device.

When you reach the garage at Wayne Tower several tanks ambush you. This is a close quarters battle that requires you to maneuver quite well to avoid all of the missiles and cannon fire. Focus on one tank at a time until one of the tanks acquires a missile lock. When you see the arched red line indicating a missile is inbound, look in that direction and fire your Vulcan to clear the two missiles before focusing on your previous target. Once all of the tanks are cleared, move the Batmobile to the highlighted area to get your upgrade.

Objective: Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant on Miagani Island.

Objective: Protect Ivy's plant from the Arkham Knight's militia while it matures.

Tanks are patrolling the city and fire very quickly once they spot the Batmobile. If you see a target line, boost away (X / A) or else you'll take a hit. Use the new sonar (L3) to locate the center of the roots on your radar. Once you locate the area, hold L3 to scan as deep as possible and free the plant.

The militia is on the nearby rooftop. Glide down and quickly defeat the enemies to prevent them from destroying the plant.

Head to Panessa Studios to Analyze the Arkham Knight's Forces.

Objective: Glide onto the relay drone and examine it to find a way to defeat the drone forces.

Head to the next waypoint and use the elevator inside to get down to Batman's hideout. Access the Batcomputer and then head back outside and to the next waypoint, the relay drone. The drone is constantly moving so it's a little harder to land on compared to a building, but it doesn't move that fast. As long as you start high enough in the air, it's not overly difficult to land on the drone.

Objective: Destroy the Arkham Knight's radar network.

Once you have the drone hacker, use it to hack the drone patrolling the area. Upon hacking a drone, you have 60 seconds to destroy the first radar network. Glide over and use explosive gel to destroy it. The following network device is only guarded by a few men, making it an easier target. Glide over and take down the men on the roof, then access the yellow panel to open the doors below.

Look through the grate in the roof and use the Remote Hacking Device to hack one of the sentries. You only have 15 seconds once you initiate the hack, so quickly drop down the side of the roof and run behind the sentry you just hacked. Destroy both sentries, then use explosive gel to destroy the computer terminal here.

Objective: Take out the long-range missile launcher.

Objective: Lower the barriers protecting the missile launcher.

Glide over to the next waypoint and use the grates under the surface of the roof to take down the guards with ease. Approach the missile launcher to determine its armor is too thick for conventional weapons. Head up the stairs to the control room and access the computer inside.

You automatically take remote control of the Batmobile. There are five Cobra tanks that must be taken care of before you reach the next objective. With so many tanks it can be difficult to get behind them. Use the lower terrain of the nearby construction site to your advantage. Take out one tank down there and the closest tanks will converge on that position. Once that happens, you can take the high ground and look down into the construction site to take them out with relative ease from above. In the worst case, you can sneak up behind them as they take the ramp out of the construction site.

Once all five are down, head to the next waypoint and use the Power Winch to raise the ramp. You take control of Batman with a view above a number of enemies. Use a Feat Takeout to eliminate many of them, then finish off the rest while the Arkham Knight flees.

Access the computer once more and you take control of the Batmobile. Continue to raise the ramp to the maximum height, then use the Afterburner and jump across to the adjacent building. As soon as you hit the building, the missile launcher will attack from the other building behind you. Quickly enter Battle Mode and turn around so you can target the missile launcher. Treat it like you would a tank and dodge its cannon fire. Use the Vulcan to destroy missiles and the 60mm to destroy the missile launcher.

Objective: Return to Oracle's Clock Tower to review the Batwing scans for the Cloudburst device.

Objective: Stop Harley Quinn from taking the Joker Infected.

Head back to the clock tower and access the computer, then head to Panessa Studios, the next waypoint. When you arrive, take down the guards outside and then attempt to open the door. With your voice synthesizer, copy Harley's voice by adjusting the two sliders in the positions shown in the screenshot here.

Use the voice synthesizer to open the door, then use it again to clear away the enemies so you can take them down one at a time, followed by the sentries. Of course you can take them out the old fashioned way, but it's a bit easier using the voice synthesizer to move them away so you can tackle them one at a time.

With all of the enemies down, open the door again and use the elevator to head down. Walk over to Joker while you're in the elevator. When you reach the bottom, use the voice synthesizer on the panel to the right to open the gate ahead, then take down the enemies inside and interrogate the final enemy.

Return the Escaped Joker Infected to their cells.

Objective: Apprehend Albert King in sound stage A.

Objective: Apprehend Christina Bell in sound stage B.

Objective: Apprehend Johnny Charisma in sound stage C.

Head out through the hallway to the side and continue straight ahead until you reach the large statue. From here you can go left, right or straight to reach the three sound stages where the Joker Infected await. First make your way straight ahead to sound stage B.

Go through the doors and take down the first set of enemies inside. Continue through the next door until you see the large enemy ahead. Grapple to the statue above, then across the hall to the next statue. Drop down and sneak up behind the enemy to perform a joint takedown.

Continue down the hallway and through the next door. The next room has two groups of thugs. The first has one brute while the second has two. You can stay up around the rafters and use L1 / LB to call Robin or Batman (depending on who you're currently controlling) to take the enemies down one at a time. Your best strategy is to incapacitate the lesser goons one at a time while they're alone, then drop down behind the brutes and use a double takedown (Triangle / Y) to finish them off in one shot.

Once all of the enemies are down, head up the stairs to the north and through the doors at the top. Quickly dodge (Triangle / Y) Christina's attacks as she dives at Robin. After that brief attack, if you have the Freeze Blast you can grapple up through the vent above to find another Riddler's Trophy. Use the Line Launcher to cross the electrified floor, but press R1 / RB to stand on top of the line after you shoot it. From the far side you can freeze the vents to eventually gain access to the trophy.

Next, head over to sound stage A. To access stage A you need to drop into the grate just before the statue.

Use the voice synthesizer to get the enemies beyond the gate to open it for you. Once that's done, use a Multi-Fear Takedown to clear all but the brute, then handle him with a Beat Down (Circle / B then rapidly tap Square / X). Continue forward and open the next gate, then attempt to rescue Robin (Jason).

Continue through the next set of doors to engage a group of enemies and Albert King. Focus on the lesser enemies and dodge Albert's attacks (any direction and X / A) until you are signaled to use a dual take down (L1 / LB). Repeat this process until you can strike during the dual take down (Square / X), then rapidly press the strike button until you see the blue lightning around Albert, indicating he's about to attack. Dodge the attack (Triangle/ Y) and then continue to strike for as long as you can. If you continuously avoid Albert's attacks, you can finish him off in three takedowns or less, then clear remaining enemies.

Before you leave the room, stop at the door and head into the second door to the right.

Step on the question mark on the ground, then use your batarang to hit the period point of the question marks on the wall. This changes the color of the question mark. The order of color from left to right should be: blue, green, yellow, yellow or blue, green, red, yellow.

Head back to the main area and select a new upgrade for the Batmobile, then head over to stage C. When you reach the corner just before the gate where the brute is located, turn around to see a vent above. Grapple up to the vent and head around into the ceiling above the brute.

There's a cracked wall to the right. Use the voice synthesizer to move the brute over to the cracked wall, then quickly use the vents to move into the room beyond the wall. Use explosive gel to destroy the wall while the brute stands next to it to take him down with ease.

Press the button on the side of the room where the brute was standing to open the next gate. There's another cracked wall to the right of the sheet ahead and a gated room to the right of that. Both hold Riddler's Trophies behind them, but you need a Remote Electric Charge to gain access to the gated room. For now, destroy the cracked wall with explosive gel to find a Riddler's Trophy just beyond. Stand on the question mark on the ground and throw a Remote Batarang into the vent to the left.

You need to hit two green questions marks at the end of the ventilation ducts. Once you get a batarang in the duct, the first question mark is around the corner to the right, then around the next corner to the left. Hitting that question mark opens a second duct around the corner to the right, then straight ahead. This opens the ventilation duct into the room where the trophy is found.

The final target is in the same direction as the second question mark, which leads into the room with the Riddler's Trophy. Once you reach the room, target the fuse box in the upper right corner to unlock the gate and allow access to the Riddler's Trophy.

Head back to the main room and continue straight ahead through the next set of doors. Walk up to the hanging object in the middle of the room and remove the sheet. After the cut scene, go back through the double doors. As soon as you get inside, look to the left to see a vent near the floor. Access the vent to instruct Robin to use it, then continue through toward the main doors.

Access the panel to the right of the door and fast-forward the footage to 7:16. Move to the cell all the way to the right on the second row down and press X / A to zoom in. This allows you to see the code as it's being punched in. Bring up the keypad access and move the footage forward as the code is being input, but remember that it's mirrored. The code is: 0539.

Walk toward Charisma for a short cut scene, followed by Robin jumping down from the vent. The platform Batman and Charisma (Joker) are standing on is rotating. Move Robin over to each bomb along the outskirts of the room, but only move him when Charisma is facing away from Robin's position.

You have a limited amount of time to defuse the bombs and get to Charisma. Move immediately to the first bomb, then wait for Charisma to rotate before moving clockwise to each consecutive bomb. The third bomb doesn't offer any cover, so you need to be quick to ensure you don't get caught. Charisma doesn't have much in the way of peripheral vision, so that gives you a little extra time. There's a Riddler's Trophy between the third and fourth bomb. You can't reach it yet, but it may block your way. Move around in front of it as you continue toward the fourth bomb. You can't move behind it.

You need to defuse all five bombs, then move to the platform directly behind Charisma and use a takedown to finish it. With Charisma down, head back the way you came to help Henry. Drop into the vent system to the right of the hallway with the thugs at the end, then move under the floor and use the voice synthesizer to make the enemies open the gate.

Wait for Harley to turn her back to the grate, then initiate a dual takedown. This brings Harley down, leaving only the remaining men to finish off. Pick up Harley and head up the stairs, through the doors and into the next room. After the cut scene, walk into the open cell. Spin around in the cell once to see Jason sitting in the middle of the room, then spin a second time to see Joker.

Head out of the cell and walk toward Jason, then walk toward the door after the cut scene. When you're told to get back into the cell, walk toward Robin and press Triangle / Y to lock him in the cell instead.

Equip a New Secondary Weapon for the Batmobile

Go back to the elevator and up to the surface. Drive the Batmobile to the next waypoint to obtain the upgrade you selected earlier. After the upgrade you unlock the Most Wanted: Friend in Need mission set. Head over to that walkthrough if you wish to continue along this path, otherwise read onward to proceed with the City of Fear missions.

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