Batman Arkham Knight Returns to Steam After Getting Pulled in June

Batman Arkham Knight Returns to Steam After Getting Pulled in June

WB Interactive tries to regain lost trust after a disastrous summer launch.

A disastrous launch for Batman: Arkham Knight actually got it pulled from Steam back in June. Now that it's back, WB Interactive hopes to regain some lost trust with their fans. They'll have a steep climb.

The newly tuned Arkham Knight returned to Steam earlier today in conjunction with a handful of promotions from WB Interactive, including free DLC for next year and the promise of Arkham-inspired Team Fortress 2 items created by the community. WB Interactive is also giving away free digital copies of the original Arkham games to anyone who has already purchased Arkham Knight or purchases it by November 16.

Not even Batman could save Arkham Knight from its disastrous PC launch in June.

Reactions in Arkham Knight's Steam community have been mixed. One commenter summed up the feelings of the community with the question, "It's safe to assume that most, not all but the majority, who bought Batman Arkham Knight (particularly before the PC version fiasco) are fans of the series and already have the previous Arkham games. How is this a compensation? Are they giftable copies?"

Fans are still feeling burned after encountering framerates as low as 10 to 20 FPS on Nvidia and AMD graphics cards at launch. WB Interactive and Valve were hit by a wave of demands for refunds, and Arkham Knight was pulled soon afterward.

Presumably, Arkham Knight has been appropriately optimized in that time, though we haven't had a chance to try it yet (let us know in the comments if you have). Regardless, WB Interactive continues to pay the price for releasing a broken game over the summer.

As you might expect, though, they're continuing to push forward with Arkham Knight, having launched skins and tracks from the '60s Batman TV series as well as a new Crime Fighter Challenge Pack. Those who purchase Arkham Knight by November 16th will also receive a free "Community Challenge Pack" in July.

If you're curious how Arkham Knight compares to the rest of the series, you can read our review of the PlayStation 4 version here.

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