Batman: Arkham Knight - Stop Scarecrow, Rescue Workers, ACE Chemicals

Batman: Arkham Knight - Stop Scarecrow, Rescue Workers, ACE Chemicals

Prevent Scarecrow's bomb from detonating!

During the opening cinematic, press and hold any button to light the Joker on fire and get started with your Batman adventure. Once the Joker fully ignites, you can release the button and enjoy the rest of the cinematic until the police officer places his order at the diner. His meal is interrupted because someone is smoking in the corner. Take control of the officer and walk over to the corner of the diner to confront the smoking customer. You can then shoot a few of the enemies here, but you're not meant to win this battle, so don't bother trying too hard.

Stop Scarecrow from Detonating the Fear Toxin Bomb

Objective: Meet Commissioner Gordon by the Bat-Signal on the GCPD rooftop.

Glide toward the top of the GCPD rooftop to your left. You may have to grapple a few times to make it all the way over, but no enemies will get in your way. When you reach the rooftop, there's a short cut scene with Commissioner Gordon.

Objective: Rescue the missing police officer.

Make your way to the next waypoint to find several thugs attacking the police officer. This is a fairly easy battle meant to help you understand the combat mechanics, so you shouldn't have much trouble with these men. Take them down, then walk over to the police officer on the ground and rescue him.

Objective: Interrogate the driver of the military vehicle for information on Scarecrow.

Call the Batmobile (L1 / LB) and follow the blue arrows on the ground to track down the military vehicle. Once you get close enough, an orange circle will lock-on to the vehicle. Fire your Immobilizer (O / B) to stop the vehicle, then jump out and interrogate the driver.

Objective: Investigate Scarecrow's safe house.

Head to the top of the safe house, which is the next waypoint marked on your map. Drop down through the glass by pressing Triangle / Y to take down the first enemy. Clear the room, then walk toward the room where Poison Ivy is waiting.

After a short cut scene, summon the Batmobile (Hold Down on the d-pad to bring up your quick options menu, then select the Batmobile Remote at the bottom). In a moment, six more unmanned tanks surround the Batmobile. Take them down with the 60mm Cannon on the Batmobile (L2 / LT) while moving around to avoid any red lines, which indicate where the tanks are targeting. Once the tanks are down, move into the highlighted square on the ground to pick up Batman and Poison Ivy.

Objective: Run Battle Mode weapon energy system diagnostics.

Head to the next waypoint and begin the Weapon Energy Diagnostics training. Here you need to destroy targets to charge up the Batmobile's secondary weapon. This is a simulation, so the targets reappear almost immediately after being destroyed. This means you can focus on the same target throughout the entire training exercise if that's easier for you. Use the 60mm Cannon to clear out the targets with relative ease as you charge up the secondary weapon three times. During the third set you will have to dodge incoming fire as well. Once again, simply avoid the red beams of light as you take out the drones.

Objective: Destroy the squadron of drone tanks occupying Panessa Studios.

Make your way to the next waypoint and take out the tanks here. This is essentially just like your training exercise and shouldn't be overly difficult. Avoid the tank fire and use the 60mm Cannon to take down most of the enemies.

Objective: Take Ivy to the GCPD Lockup.

Follow the blue arrows on the street to reach the GCPD. Wait for the garage door to open, then head down to the area below and park in the marked location to initiate another cut scene. Walk over to the northwest corner of the GCPD to find Commissioner Gordon and initiate another cut scene that opens up the secondary missions, The Line of Duty, Riddler's Revenge and The Perfect Crime. City of Fear is the main story missions, so continue with those if you wish to complete the game as quickly as possible. If not, you can check out our guides on the other missions.

Objective: Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower to help locate Scarecrow.

Jump into the Batmobile to hear Lucius Fox tell you the Afterburner is now active. This allows you to go even faster in the vehicle, although it's also a bit harder to control. Head to the clock tower and grapple to the rooftop. Once you reach the exact point of the marker on the map, you'll be able to enter the clock tower through a secret door in the roof.

Once inside, press Up on the d-pad to enter Detective Mode, then use a retinal scan on the statue located on the bookshelf to enter your hideout. Access the computer in the middle of the room for another cut scene.

Objective: Use the Panessa Studios Antenna to pinpoint Scarecrow's location.

Objective: Power up the Panessa Studios Antenna with the Batmobile Power Winch.

Grapple back to the rooftop and head to the next waypoint on the map. Access the door to attach a remote access device for another cut scene, then head to the next waypoint and park the Batmobile in the highlighted area to add a Power Winch to the vehicle.

Enter battle mode, then fire the Power Winch and hold Back to pull down the structure ahead. Use the Afterburner to jump across to the far side, then look to the right and fire the winch to pull up the roof here to create a ramp.

Use the Afterburner once more to make the next jump, then stay in battle mode as you navigate around the rooftop. Be careful here because you can fall off the roof if you don't take your time. If you happen to fall off, just follow the blue arrows back to the point where you first used the winch. The corners here are very tight, so take your time.

When you reach the platform on the far side of the roof, use the Power Winch again. This time you don't need to pull anything down. Simply drive off the rooftop while the winch is attached and you can drive up the wall to reach the other side.

Head left and around the next corner to the right to reach the next Power Winch point. This time you need to attach the Power Winch and rev the engine slowly, keeping the needle within the orange area.

Objective: Use the antenna at the Falcone Shipping Yard to locate Scarecrow.

Make your way to the next waypoint on the map and activate Detective Mode to look inside the building and see how many thugs you're dealing with. Grapple up to higher ground then grapple across to the far side to get better positioning. Select the Batarang from your gadget inventory and target the door (Hold L2 / LT then press R2 / RT to fire) and lure two men outside.

Once they're out, glide down behind each one and take them down silently so you don't alert anyone else. If you have trouble doing this, take out one the normal way, then grapple back up to the top and do the same for the second enemy. When they're down, approach the door and Batman calls Lucius to get a new Batsuit delivered.

Objective: Collect the new Batsuit.

Head to the new waypoint and suit up. Several training simulations appear once you have the suit equipped. You can use the tips below to complete the training missions, earning an ability point for each one, or you can skip down to the continuation of the mission below the training tips.

Summon, Eject & Glide Training - Call the Batmobile with L1 / LB, back up a bit, then follow the blue arrows on the ground until you reach the first circular bat symbol. Press X / A twice and hold it along with L2 / LT to eject from the Batmobile and fly toward the next bat symbol in the air above. There's a trail of bat symbols in the air and you need to follow this path until you reach the ground. Summon the Batmobile just before you hit the ground. As long as you followed the general path of the symbols, hitting as many as you can (if you miss one or two you can still complete the training), the training will be a success.

Fear Multi-Takedown Training - This allows you to practice sneaking up on enemies and using the Fear Takedown to chain enemies and take them out quickly. The first three segments of this training are fairly straightforward. Simply get close to the enemies and press Square / X repeatedly to take them down when prompted. Make sure you move the camera around so you can see the next enemy in order to chain them together properly. You can't move from one enemy to the next if they aren't visible on your screen.

Grapnel Boost MK II Training - Grapple and press X X X / A A A then hold X / A to launch Batman after the grapple and glide through the air. Maneuver to the first bat symbol, then press X + R2 / A + RT to dive for a moment down to the next symbol, then pull down on the left analog stick to gain some altitude and hit the next symbol. At this point you need to stay airborne for 60 seconds. Grapple using the structure straight ahead and launch Batman high into the air again, then hold down to maintain your altitude as you glide. You may need to do this several times to stay up or the full 60 seconds and complete the training.

Throw Counter Training - This one is very easy. Simply stand in the middle of the enemies here and wait for one to flash blue. When you see this, press in the direction of the enemy and Triangle / Y to counter their attack and throw the enemy. Do this several times to complete the training.

Predator Fundamentals Training - All you need to do to complete this training is down all three enemies. That means all three need to be on the ground at the same time. If you knock one enemy down, they will only be down for a few seconds. The best way to do this is by using a Glide Kick to get the first, then rapidly move to the next two. You can use various gadgets if need be, but basic attacks also work.

Objective: Use the antenna at the Falcone Shipping Yard to locate Scarecrow. (Continued)

Once the training missions are complete, use your ability points, then head to the nearby waypoint to continue the mission. Do not enter through the main door. Instead, head around to the right side of the building and drop into the grate here.

Make your way into the building via the grate, then use a Fear Multi-Takedown to make quick work of the enemies inside. Walk over to the police officer on the ground and rescue him, then walk over to the electrical panels on the wall and attach a remote access device.

Head out the door as Batman tosses a Batarang into the air. At this point you need to use the two analog sticks to move the antenna and point them toward the ACE Chemicals plant on the far right side of the map. Once both are pointed at the plant you can continue with the mission.

Objective: Rendezvous with Gordon at the ACE Chemicals plant.

Objective: Rescue the missing ACE Chemicals workers to get information on Scarecrow.

Objective: Use the terminal to retrieve the workers' personal ID frequencies.

As soon as you reach the next waypoint a cut scene begins that blows part of the bridge away. Grapple to the roof of the plant, then use Detective Mode to scan the area for enemies. Use the vertical shaft on the rooftop to reach the lower area.

Using the shaft, make your way to the terminal and then use a Double Fear Takedown to remove the guards nearby. Jump back into the grate and move around the area, taking out the remaining guards with silent takedowns. Once all the guards are down, access the terminal.

Objective: Scan the ACE Chemicals plant to pinpoint the location of the missing workers.

You need to get up to a high vantage point, but there are still enemies around. Go back the way you came, using the grate to get back to the upper area. From here you can safely go higher to get to the vantage point you need. Move the analog stick until the scanner picks up voices, then hold the button indicated on-screen to lock-in. You need to do this five times.

At this point the location of each worker is now marked on your map. Head over to the worker off to the side that isn't close to the other workers. Defeat the enemies that engage as you approach, then walk around the perimeter of the building until Batman decides he needs the Batmobile.

Objective: Open the main ACE Chemicals gate to allow access for the Batmobile.

Head to the next waypoint and crash in through the roof. Take down the enemies and approach the dead worker on the ground. Access the panel nearby to open the main gates, then access your gadgets menu and select the remote Batmobile.

Use the Power Winch to pull up the road and create a ramp, then use the Afterburner to jump over and into the plant. Take down the tanks just inside, then use the Power Winch to remove the door in the corner. Go up to the next level and look above to see a ramp that isn't quite low enough for the Batmobile to reach.

Use the guns on the Batmobile to take down as many enemies as you can see on the platform. You won't be able to get all of them, but the smaller the number of enemies, the better. Exit the Batmobile and grapple up to the platform to engage the remaining enemies. When they're down, another group appears. Take them all down, then access the panel on the platform and move the ramp down into position on the same platform the Batmobile is currently on.

Get back into the Batmobile and use the newly placed ramp to jump across to the other side. Head right and into the next area to engage several tanks. Take them down, then use the Power Winch to break the pipe attached to the building.

Exit the Batmobile and grapple just above where you pulled out the pipe to enter through the windows here. Take down the enemies inside, then move to the pipe in the corner of the room and access the Explosive Gel from your gadgets menu. Spray the gel on broken rubble to the right of the pipe, then back away and detonate it.

Head through the opening and to the left, then detonate more gel where the ground is cracked. Drop down and access the panel near the doorway (away from the gas), then use more explosive gel on the cracked wall on the opposite side. Detonate the wall, then remotely control the Batmobile and use the Power Winch to remove the pipe.

Now that the gas has been cleared, head down the hallway and crouch to get through the partially closed door. Access the breaker panel on the far side of the hall to open the gate, then use the 60mm Cannon on the Batmobile to break through the cracked wall and reveal the elevator cables. Use the Power Winch on the cables, then back up in the Batmobile until the elevator is visible in the shaft.

Crouch into the elevator, then use remote access to control the Batmobile and lower the elevator again (move forward). Exit the elevator and move into the hallway ahead. Grapple into the area just above and then crouch to continue into the next room. Remove the grate to the left then move over to the one of the two grates ahead. Use Detective Mode if you have trouble finding them.

Use a Multi-Takedown to clear the room, then speak with the employee. Head back to the elevator and use the Batmobile to raise it again. As soon as you're out of the elevator you must engage the helicopter above. You need to use the Batmobile's strafing ability (any direction and X / A) to avoid fire from the tanks and missile drops from the helicopter. Once all the tanks are down you need to continue to avoid fire and missiles from the helicopter while shooting it down. When it gets down to approximately 50 percent health, it fires a barrage of locked on missiles. They don't move fast, but you need to shoot them down before they reach you.

Objective: Escort the ACE Chemicals worker to Gordon on the bridge.

Destroy the helicopter and look toward the southeast corner of the area to see an opening. You can't get the Batmobile through here just yet. Move the Batmobile into position on the platform directly in front of the opening, then climb up as Batman and press the button to raise the lift so the Batmobile can continue.

Drop down into the area by the entrance and use the Afterburner to jump the gap and deliver the worker to Gordon on the other side. Jump back across and head up to the next level like you did before. Once you get to the upper level, do not take the ramp you lowered earlier. Instead, head through the railing to the north and drop down onto the road below as you head toward the final worker.

Work around to the far side of the building to find the entrance, then use the Power Winch to pull down the door. Ignore the pipes along the side of the road because the Batmobile goes right through them. Take out the enemies inside, then head around the side to open the door that leads into the room with the worker. After a cut scene, access the remote Batmobile and take out the enemies here. Free the worker, then head back out to Gordon.

Objective: Stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals.

Head back across the ramp and into the plant, then use the 60mm Cannon to blow a hole where the wall is highlighted above. Make your way around the corner and use the ramp you lowered earlier to jump across. Now turn around and use the Afterburner to fly the Batmobile down into the hole you just created.

Take down the two tanks around the corner, then head to the end of the tunnel. Get out of the Batmobile and grapple to the top, then across to the next grapple point. After checking out the enemies below, look to the left to see another grapple point that leads directly into a grate. Drop down below the floor and position yourself right behind the two enemies. Wait for the red light of sentry to pass, then use a Multi-Takedown and quickly get back into the grate.

Wait until the sentry passes again, then jump out and disable it (run up to it and press Triangle / Y). Access the panel on the wall to lower the door so the Batmobile can access the area, then continue down the tunnel. When you reach the next door, grapple up to the top, then drop down into the area below. Crouch and carefully approach the enemies ahead. You need to take them all down, which is much easier if you start the fight with a Multi-Takedown, but you can't do that unless you sneak up on them and use it as soon as you're prompted.

Access the panel to the right of the door to let the Batmobile in, then grapple into the next area. You need to take down all of the guards here, then confront the Scarecrow in the room in the middle. There are grates that allow you to take down some of the guards and sentries with ease, but for the most part you just need to work your way through this large room and clear all of the guards out.

Once the guards are all down, make your way into the middle room and through the door. After a cut scene access the panel in the middle of the room to raise four neutralizing canisters to the right. You need to pick them up one by one and move them across the room to the receptacles to deploy the agent. You must move very slowly or else the agent will blow. This includes when you remove the canisters and when you place them in the receptacles. Watch the lights on the side and top and stop moving if they turn yellow or red. As long as you move slowly you won't have an issue and you have plenty of time to move three canisters.

When you reach the fourth canister, you're interrupted by an old friend. After a short cut scene you take control of Commissioner Gordon. Walk down the red path and toward the V.I.P. elevator. Open the door and head inside, then press the button to the right to use the elevator. Walk into the large room ahead and talk to the prisoners on either side if you wish. Walk up to the computer on the far side of the room then turn around to find Batman.

Objective - Escape ACE Chemicals.

Take remote control of the Batmobile and bring down the wall ahead, then head back up to the top and across the ramp to escape the plant. You have plenty of time to escape, so no need to rush.

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