Batman: Arkham Knight - Stop the GCPD Assault, Ending

Batman: Arkham Knight - Stop the GCPD Assault, Ending

Finish off the City of Fear missions to unlock New Game+ and move one step closer to Knightfall.

This page will serve as the final part of the Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough. In it we will help you destroy the Cloudburst and Excavator, as well as stop the GCPD assault. This walkthrough will take you through to the end of the City of Fear quest line.

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City of Fear Main Objectives

  • Investigate Seismic activity on Miagani Island.
  • Work with Poison Ivy to defeat the militia forces attacking the Botanical Gardens.
  • Pick up Poison Ivy and return her to GCPD.

Take the Batmobile to the next waypoint. You need to clear a group of normal tanks followed by five Cobra tanks. Watch your radar to see when the Cobra tanks are flashing. This indicates they're perform a 360 degree scan and will detect the Batmobile if you're too close and out in the open. Glide over to Poison Ivy's location, the next waypoint on your map.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's Cloudburst Tank

Objective: Interrogate Simon Stagg to find a way to defeat the Cloudburst Tank.

Glide over to the next waypoint, which is the blimp where you can find Simon Stagg. Be careful not to fall into the toxic cloud below. To get inside it's easier to grapple to the crane nearby.

There are a group of thugs inside the blimp. You can take most out with ease, but the brute holding a shield can be a bit more troublesome. Use an Aerial Attack Beat Down (Circle / B, then X X / A A, then rapidly tap Square / X) to finish him off in one combo. Clear away the rest of the goons, then head upstairs toward the next waypoint.

When you try to open the door at the top of the stairs you'll have to set the voice synthesizer to Stagg's voice print. Adjust the sliders as indicated in the screen shot.

Use the voice synthesizer to open the door then take down the men in the next room. There's a vent off to the left as soon as you enter the room. You can use that to get the jump on most of the enemies inside. You can also use the voice synthesizer to give orders to the enemies and move them into positions that makes them easier to take down without drawing other enemies to help.

Objective: Track down Simon Stagg using his fingerprint trail.

Once all of the enemies are down, head back to the capsule that was holding Stagg before to figure out where he's heading. Enter Detective Mode and follow Stagg's handprints down the stairs, then dropping down to the lower level to the right, then circling around to the left. When you get to the end of the trail, open the floor panel to find Stagg.

Objective: Use the Nimbus Power Cell to repair the Batmobile.

On your way out you'll find there's a drone waiting for you just beyond the main door leading out of the blimp. Hack the drone to get past it, then glide to the next waypoint, hacking any other drones that may be in your path.

After your dive down to the Batmobile in the cut scene you need to remove and replace the power cell. If you remove or replace the power cell too quickly it will rupture, so be careful. You also need to evade a random attack from an enemy during the process so stay alert. Once the power cell has been replaced and you're back in the Batmobile, accelerate when instructed.

Objective: Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant on Founder's Island.

Objective: Gain access to the subway network via the elevator at Port Adams to get deep enough underground to release Ivy's plant.

When you reach Founder's Island enter battle mode and use the sonar to find the center of the roots.

Drive over to the next waypoint and take down the tanks and drones inside. Once the enemies are down, drive around until you see a ramp to the left. Use the Afterburner to reach the middle of the area where more tanks are waiting for you. Take them down then head over to the freight elevator and use the Power Winch to break the door down. Move inside and attack the Power Winch, then rev the engine, keeping the needle in the orange section on the diagram.

Head down the tunnel and move the Batmobile to the side wall of the tunnel to clear the first two obstacles. When you approach the third, get on the side wall until you're close, then move up to the ceiling to clear it. Go left at the end and drop into the grate to the left.

Hack the tank directly ahead to blind it then, activate Detective Mode so you can see the other tanks easily. There's a tank around the corner to the right and another patrolling the corridor straight ahead. Wait until the patrolling tank turns away from you, then quickly blind the tank around the corner to the right and move past it. Take cover and blind the patrolling tank, then move forward just far enough to grapple to the rafter above.

Grapple again until you can glide kick through the glass of the room below. Access the panel on the wall to allow the Batmobile into the area with the tanks. This automatically puts you in control of the Batmobile, allowing you to take down all of the tanks in the immediate area. There's a Riddler Trophy just behind the tank that was positioned around the corner.

When you get to the next barrier access the panel to the left then move the Batmobile down the corridor. Exit the Batmobile and grapple up to the platform above where there's a panel to the right that lowers the ramp. Activate Detective Mode if you have any issues finding the panel.

With the ramp lower, get back in the Batmobile and use the After burner to jump across. There's another obstacle up ahead. Just like before, stay on the side wall until you get close, then move up to the ceiling to get around the obstacle. Don't go back to the ground after you've cleared it because there's a water basin ahead. Stay on the side walls to avoid the water.

When you reach the next large room, get out of the Batmobile and grapple over to the control room on the far side. There's a Riddler Trophy on top of the control room, so be sure to grapple to the roof and pick that up before you drop down to enter the control room.

Access the panel inside to unlock the ramp on the other side of the water, but do not lock it in place. Head back over to the Batmobile and move it around to the ramp, then go up the ramp and stop on the raised side. The weight of the Batmobile lowers the ramp into the position you need it in, but you're not done yet. Leave the Batmobile on the end of the ramp and exit the vehicle again. Head back over to the control room and access the panel one more time to lock the ramp in place.

Get back in the Batmobile and use the Afterburner to jump across the water. Head up the stairs to the right (in the Batmobile) and enter battle mode so you can use the sonar to find the center point of the plant and activate it.

A plethora of tanks and drones attack. Take them out carefully then head to the next waypoint where you'll find seven (yes, seven) Cobra tanks in a relatively confined area. Normally this could pose a very real threat, but there's an easy way to take all of the tanks out if you're patient. There's a system of canals that runs under the area that you can use to hide from the tanks and mount surprise attacks.

If you move to the edge of the canal where it intersects with the main streets, you can see the tanks on your radar and determine what direction they're facing (if you're any lower you only see their position). Stay close to these areas and attack the tanks whenever they're close.

Once all of the tanks are down you have to deal with the Cloudburst tank (the larger enemy on your radar). You can't do much to the Cloudburst tank until the Cobra tanks are down, so ignore it until you've cleared the other tanks.

When only the Cloudburst remains, first you need to scan it at relatively close range. Scanning it will show you its weak points, which there are four of. You have to attack the Cloudburst at each of the four points, which means you can't just continually attack from the same side. You'll have to attack from multiple angles to hit all four points.

As soon as you attack, the Cloudburst will aggressive chase you down. You need to circle around building repeatedly until the Cloudburst changes from red back to orange on your radar. Once again, using the canal system here can be beneficial as the Cloudburst cannot enter the canals and therefore will give up chasing you almost immediately if you enter the canal area.

Once you have hit all four weak points on the Cloudburst, the main cannon can no longer be used. Don't think this makes the Cloudburst defenseless as it still has a multitude of missiles it can fire at you. At this point you have to target the glowing front end of the tank to inflict any additional damage. The Cloudburst has a health gauge in the upper right corner of the screen. Every time you hit the glowing circular point on the front end of the tank it will take damage. However, just like before, it will aggressive chase you after each attack.

Destroy the Cloudburst tank to get a short cut scene with the Arkham Knight. Once Batman raises his fist you need to attack (Square / X) until the Arkham Knight turns into the Joker and the cut scene concludes.

Investigate What Happened to Poison Ivy

Objective: Speak to GCPD communications officer to investigate possible lead.

Head to the next waypoint for a cut scene with Poison Ivy then make your way to the GCPD and into the communications room. Speak with the communications officer to move on to the next objective.

Track Gordon and Take Down Scarecrow

Objective: Collect the Remote Electrical Charge from the GCPD Evidence Room.

Head to the evidence room of the GCPD, break the glass and pick up the Remote Electrical Charge device. On the way out of the evidence room walk straight ahead to find another Riddler Trophy. Break the glass to retrieve the trophy from the display.

When you arrive at the next waypoint, access the manhole cover in front of the shutter that leads into the building. Head around the corner to the left to find water that's being electrified. Use the Remote Electrical Charge device to turn the generator off, cross the water, then use the device again to power up the generator and remove the gate blocking your path.

Grapple to the ledge above to enter the grate, then move under the surface into the next room. Turn around to see a switch on the wall. Use the voice synthesizer to make the guard closes to the switch open the main door. Switch to the Batmobile (remotely) and take down all of the enemies, then switch back to Batman and exit the grate.

Head around the corner to the left to follow Gordon. Access the panel on the wall then continue to the left. Directly to the left, across the chasm is a cracked wall. Take control of the Batmobile and fire at the cracked wall. Switch back to Batman and grapple across to the newly created opening.

In the next room access the panel in the far left corner to allow the Batmobile to move into the building. Switch back to remote control of the Batmobile and fire the Power Winch at the low-hanging object just before the chasm. Lower the Batmobile into the chasm so it's facing up, then fire at the cracked portion of the ceiling to create a hole. Switch back to Batman and grapple up through the hole, then move around the corner to find a Riddler Trophy.

Walk to the other side of the room and hack the panel next to the door. Head through the door to find another Riddler puzzle ahead. The timing on this can be a little tricky, so be ready to switch gadgets quickly. First use the Remote Electrical Charge device to power the motor to the left. As soon as you fire a charge, switch to the normal batarang and target the point on the question mark ahead. You need to hit the point with a batarang to move the tubing and allow the electrical current to make it all the way to the end. This requires you to hit the point three times. Once that's complete, use the Batclaw gadget to grab the trophy.

Exit the room and use the Remote Electrical Charge device to overload the spinning generator to the right of the door (when facing the door). This shuts off the top fan in the chasm. You can now drop all the way down to the bottom fan. Drop down, then take remote control of the Batmobile and lower back into the chasm. Aim down to see another cracked portion of the wall. Fire a blast at the cracked wall to blast a hole, then switch back to Batman. Grapple over to the hole and take down the men waiting there.

There's an alcove on the side of the room. Grapple to the ledge above the alcove and drop down into the elevator beyond. Fire the Remote Electrical Charge device at the industrial motor inside to make the elevator move. You need to power up the motor twice to move the elevator down to another cracked portion of the wall. Once you see it, use explosive gel to create a hole.

Use the Remote Electrical Charge device to short out the shock sticks belonging to the two guards in the next room. Access the panel on the wall to open the door then head into the opening to the right in the fan room. Grapple onto the ledge to get into the adjacent room and take out the guards there. You can fight them normally or use the Electrical Charge device to activate the generator on the wall and electrocute the water they're standing in.

Access the panel on the far wall, then use the Electrical Charge device to move the elevator down. When it can't go down any further, climb onto the top of the elevator, then over to the nearby ledge and use the Electrical Charge device to raise the elevator so you can drop down below it.

There's a small alcove near the bottom of the elevator shaft. Drop down to it and remove the hatch here. Move into the next room and use the beams to make your way to the far side and drop down behind the curtain. You can easily defuse the bomb from this vantage point, which starts a fight with the rest of the enemies. Focus on the medics in white first and clear out the room.

Once the room is cleared, move over to the Lounge sign and use the Batclaw to grab the Riddler Trophy at the top. There's also another Riddler Trophy in the corner of the room, just below where you first entered.

Collect the loot, then access the panel in the far corner to open the nearby door. Continue through the open door and into the large drilling area. Head over to the room on the far right and disable the drone with the Remote Hacking Device. You have 15 seconds to move before the drone comes back online.

Quickly move into the room on the right and grapple up to the top to find the industrial generator that controls the large fan. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to overload it then look to the left to see a Riddler panel near the shutters. Hack the panel to open the shutter door and walk into the next room to see a Riddler Trophy behind the gate ahead. Turn around and look down through the glass flooring to see a remote switch that can be hacked. Hack the switch to open the gate, then use the Batclaw to grab the Riddler Trophy.

Take remote control of the Batmobile and use the Power Winch to once again lower it down below the fans to the bottom. On the way down blast the cracked wall to create a hole. Detach the Power Winch to drop all the way to the bottom, then attach the Power Winch to one of the joints lining the walls. Pull the Batmobile to the left to rotate the drill downward until it reaches the very bottom. Drive the Batmobile into the room with the drone and blast it so Batman can safe drop down.

Go back to controlling Batman and drop down the shaft to get back to where the Batmobile is waiting. Hop into the Batmobile and attach the Power Winch to the wall again. This time pull to the right to move the drill upward until the Batmobile can drive into the opening created when you blasted the cracked wall. Head to the end of the corridor, jump out of the Batmobile and access the panel on the far left wall to open the gate.

Get back in the Batmobile and continue down the corridor, around the obstacles and over the ramp to the left. As soon as you make the jump you get a short cut scene, then you need to enter battle mode to turn around quickly and gun it to get away from the Arkham Knight's drill machine.

Objective: Destroy the Arkham Knight's excavator.

There's a small maze here with three paths that look like they lead to dead ends. This is not the case. In fact, you need to lure the excavator down those three paths. All three end with a corridor lined with explosives that will heavily damage the excavator. There are various obstacles inside these tunnels, so it's best to drive down them alone to scope each one out before you lure the excavator through them. If the excavator even touches the Batmobile it's over.

Lure the excavator down all three tunnels to deplete the health gauge completely. At this point Alfred has unlocked the main exit (the green mark on the map). Head there and use the Power Winch to pull down the opening in the ceiling. Unfortunately, the excavator is not done and it's right on top of you. Press L1 / LB to exit the Batmobile before it's crushed. When you reach the top, turn around and use the Batclaw to grab the Riddler Trophy on the cave wall.

Head around the corner and climb into the small tunnel above. This leads to the ducts under the adjacent room where Gordon is being held. Use a Fear Takedown and clear the enemies in the room to get a cut scene with the Arkham Knight.

After the cut scene, grapple up to one of the golden bird statues, then over to the vent in the corner that drops Batman down below the floor. Move toward the escalators and wait for the red targeting beam to pass, then run up the escalators and grapple up to the Arkham Knight's location.

More men enter the area as the Arkham Knight moves to the far side of the room. A flying sentry also appears. Temporarily disable the sentry with the Remote Hacking device, then take care of the soldiers. There's a Riddler Trophy under the large covered area. Once they're all down, make sure the sentry is still disabled (or disable it again), then drop to the ground level and head toward the Arkham Knight's position. Wait for the targeting beams to move, then run directly under his location, pick up the Riddler Trophy here and grapple up to attack him.

Once again, the Arkham Knight gets away and now you have 30 seconds to get to the other room before you die from the gas that's about to be released. You need to grapple to the hope in the upper corner. If you can't find it quickly, go through the grates just below the location where the Arkham Knight was, then move to the far side of the room and grapple to the top. From this vantage point you can easily spot the hole you need to grapple to.

Repeat the process with the next set of men, including having to escape the gas. Once you confront the Arkham Knight one more time you're done with this little exercise. Release Gordon then take down the soldiers that attack. Use the Remote Electrical Charge on the big guy, then focus on taking him down before you finish off the others.

City of Fear Main Objectives

  • Confront and apprehend Scarecrow.
  • Protect Oracle.
  • Take Oracle to GCPD.

Head into the elevator and press the button to activate it. Exit the elevator at the top for a cut scene, then wait for the indication to call the new Batmobile and hit L1 / LB. Take on the tanks surrounding Batman then walk Oracle over to the Batmobile and place her inside and drive over to the GCPD.

Stop Scarecrow's Militia

Leave the GCPD and head for the clock tower. You need to clear the enemies surrounding the clock tower. The easiest way to do that is by grappling into the vent on the side of the building, then moving to the lab area and taking enemies out one at a time. Every time you take an enemy down, it will alert another to go check out the lab. Hide and use silent takedowns for each enemy until the area is clear.

Head up the stairs of the lab to reach the computer on the upper level. Access the computer to complete this objective and unlock the Most Wanted: Lamb to the Slaughter mission set. Read out coverage on the Lamb to the Slaughter mission set or stay here to continue the City of Fear missions.

Stop the assault on GCPD

Go back to GCPD and speak with Oracle, then head outside and hop into the Batmobile to easily take care of the soldiers here. Some of the soldiers may hide in the corner, you can take them out by hand, or move around in the corner until they see you out of the Batmobile and rush out, then hop back in the Batmobile to finish them off.

Objective: Investigate power generator to restore power to GCPD.

Get back in the Batmobile and use the Power Winch to tear down the fan above.

As Batman, grapple up to the newly created hole, move to the end of the small room and grapple up to the vent. Head into the next room and grapple up the long shaft to the next vent. Move to the end of the room for a cut scene then walk toward the waypoint to find that the generator has been destroyed.

Objective: Access GCPD parking garage to power up backup generators.

Drop down to the ledge just above the garage and use the Remote Hacking device to disable the sentry on watch. Head into the garage and take out the soldiers inside. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to power up the three generators then call the Batmobile and head outside to take on a lot of enemy tanks!

Luckily you have Oracle to help you out this time around. She hacks tanks to explode or release an EMP when shot. When she tells you they're ready, shoot those tanks to give you the upper hand. During this battle stay near the garage door so that it's more difficult for tanks to get behind the Batmobile. This makes the battle much easier.

Objective: Stop militia from disabling the GCPD security systems.

Head up to the rooftop and take on three waves of soldiers. Be ready to use the Remote Electrical Charge on the enemies with electrified weaponry, and try to take out the shielded soldiers and brutes first. If you're near the fence or the panel on the ground you can do a dual takedown with Oracle's assistance. Take the enemies down quickly to avoid any overlap between waves.

City of Fear Main Objectives

  • Investigate Gordon's appearance at Panessa Studios.
  • Surrender to Scarecrow to save Robin and Gordon?

Go to Panessa Studios and take the elevator to the lower level. Walk over to Robin's former cell and wait for Batman to get a call from Scarecrow. Head back outside and make your way to the next waypoint under the bridge.

Continue into the next room and watch the monitors, then walk up to the table and surrender your goods. Move toward the door to surrender yourself. After the accident head around the corner, climb on top of the dumpster and jump over the fence. Attempt to open the door to the hardware store to the right, then back into the middle of the street and pay your respects.

When prompted, kill the Joker. After a cut scene, use the new and improved Batmobile to take out as many soldiers as possible until The Killing Joke is fully charged. Unleash the attack, then exit the Batmobile and head up the stairs and through the door. Work your way through the building, killing everyone you encounter.

Once the screen goes black, wait a moment, then activate your flashlight. Walk up to the Batman artwork straight ahead, then turn around and walk up to the Joker. After the Joker gets pushed into the furnace, head into the hallway. When you reach the Joker statue, turn around and head in the other direction. Go left at the Scarecrow statue, then turn around when you reach the end of the corridor. Blast away the Batman statue and continue through the building until you reach Harley.

Talk to Harley as many times as you can then shoot the urn. Turn around and shoot the chairs on the right side until you've cleared a path into the next corridor. Shoot the radio in the next room then circle around until a doorway appears. Head into the next room and shoot Batman statues for a seemingly endless time. Shoot the legs to save time destroying them.

Eventually one of the statues comes alive and knocks you to the ground. Shoot the cracked wall to create an exit, then head through it. Pull the exit lever at the end of the bridge. Shoot Batman as he walks toward you, then move Joker toward the cell and punch him as many times as it takes to get him inside. After the final cut scene you have completed the City of Fear mission line. If you still have Most Wanted missions to do you can still finish those, and you have unlocked New Game+ from the main menu. Congratulations!

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