Batman: Arkham Knight Unlocks - Character and Vehicle Showcases

Batman: Arkham Knight Unlocks - Character and Vehicle Showcases

Unlock all Character and Vehicle Showcases in Batman: Arkham Knight.

This page will detail all of the Character and Vehicle Showcases that are available in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Players who are looking for the full Batman: Arkham Knight experience have their work cut out for them. In addition to Story Mode and Most Wanted missions, there are also huge amounts of side activities that can be completed. We’ve been working hard at providing you with guides to all of that, and today we’re going to continue by showing you how to unlock every single Vehicle and Character Showcase that can be found in the game.

Most Showcases will be unlocked as you work your way through the Riddler Tropies, but you can also get some through the natural progression of the story, or as you complete the Most Wanted side missions that are sure to occupy a lot of your time.

As of right now it doesn't appear that you can simply pause the game and look at your Showcases (unless we're missing something). If you want to see what you've got unlocked, go to the main menu and you can check there. It's the same place that you would select your save file, or even start a New Game+ if you wanted to start your Batman: Arkham Knight journey all over again.

If you’re looking for additional help with some of the game’s other modes and concepts, be sure to visit the links at the bottom of the page.

Character Showcase

Character Showcase Unlock Criteria
Aaron Cash Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 18
Ace Workers Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 12
Ace Workers Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 12
Albert King Studios Trophy 10
Alfred Pennyworth Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 1
Arkham Knight Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 14
Arkham Knight Militia Hideout Trophy 11
Arkham Knight Militia Checkpoint Commander Own the Roads Most Wanted
Arkham Knight Militia Combat Specialists Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 10
Arkham Knight Militia Heavy Armored Weapons Expert Hideout Trophy 14
Arkham Knight Militia Mini Gunners Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 13
Arkham Knight Militia Personal Guard Hideout Trophy 10
Azrael Heir to the Cowl Most Wanted
Batman (Newer Suit) Natural story progression
Batman (Older Suit) Natural story progression
Batman Unmasked Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 11
Blackfire Cult Members Lamb to the Slaughter Most Wanted
Catwoman Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 8
Christina Bell Studio Trophy 19
Civilians Hideout Trophy 7
Deacon Blackfire Lamb to the Slaughter Most Wanted
Deathstroke Campaign For Disarmament Most Wanted
Deceased Scientists Airships Trophy 15
Demon Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 21
Dollotrons The Perfect Crime Most Wanted
Family Natural story progression
Firefighters The Line of Duty Most Wanted
Firefly Gotham on Fire Most Wanted
Harley Quinn Studios Trophy 7
Harley Quinn Brutes Studios Trophy 18
Harley Quinn Mini-gun Brutes Studios Trophy 20
Harley Quinn Thugs Hideout Trophy 20
Henry Adams Studio Trophy 13
Hush Friend in Need Most Wanted
Jack Ryder Lamb to the Slaughter Most Wanted
Jason Todd Studio Trophy 15
Jim Gordon Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 4
Johnny Charisma Studio Trophy 14
The Joker Hideout Trophy 1
Kirk Langstrom Creature of the Night Most Wanted
Lucius Fox Airships Trophy 7
Man-Bat Creature of the Night Most Wanted
Nightwing Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 6
Oracle Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 13
Paramedics Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 11
Penguin Gun Runner Most Wanted
Penguin Brutes Airships Trophy 2
Penguin Thugs Airships Trophy 11
Poison Ivy Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 3
Police Officers Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 2
Primates Airships Trophy 17
Professor Pyg The Perfect Crime Most Wanted
Red Hood Natural story progression
Reporters Natural story progression
Riddler Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 7
Riddler 2 Riddler's Revenge Most Wanted
Riddler Robots Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 8
Rioters Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 20
Robin Studio Trophy 2
Scarecrow Hideout Trophy 4
Sick Joker Airships Trophy 6
Simon Stagg Airships Trophy 20
Two-Face Two-Faced Bandit Most Wanted
Two-Face Thugs Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 17
Vicki Vale Late story completion
Waitress Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 14
Young Joker Studio Trophy 5

There aren't quite as many Vehicle Showcases in Batman: Arkham Knight, but there are enough to take up a considerable amount of time if you wish to unlock them all. Here is how you can unlock each one.

Vehicle Showcase

Vehicle Showcase Unlock Criteria
Batwing Airships Trophy 21
Bat Pod Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 1
Batmobile Natural story progression
Batmobile 2 Hideout Trophy 5
Militia APC Armored and Dangerous Most Wanted
Armored Vehicle Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 19
Excavator Hideout Trophy 21
Arkham Knight’s Gunship Occupy Gotham Most Wanted
Rattler Drone Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 11
Diamondback Drone Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 5
Mamba Drone Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 22
Twin Rattler Drone Studios Trophy 11
Cobra Drone Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 2
Cloudburst Tank Hideout Trophy 2
Dragon Drone Hideout Trophy 6
Boa Sentry Drone Airships Trophy 4
Serpent Drone Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 18
Relay Drone Bleake Island Puzzle Trophy 2
Python Drone Studios Trophy 21
Militia Radar Studios Trophy 6
Police Car Miagani Island Puzzle Trophy 6
SWAT Van Airships Trophy 9
Police Helicopter Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 1
Taxi Studios Trophy 4
North Refrigeration Truck Airships Trophy 14
Hell’s Gate Refuse Truck Two-Faced Bandit Most Wanted
School Bus Founders’ Island Puzzle Trophy 5

If you're looking for more guides and walkthrough content for Batman: Arkham Knight, visit the links above to discover all that Gotham has to offer.

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