Batman's Next Adventure is the Rocksteady-Developed Arkham Knight

Batman's Next Adventure is the Rocksteady-Developed Arkham Knight

It's the Dark Knight's first next-gen-exclusive romp.

In news that will probably not surprise anyone, there is a new Batman game on the way. Batman: Arkham Knight sees veteran series developers Rocksteady once again taking the reins.

Arkham Knight is set a year after the conclusion of Arkham City. According to director Sefton Hill, Batman is as strong as he's ever been, but he's up against a veritable Who's Who of villains, including Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn. The game will bring the Arkham saga to a conclusion, apparently; Hill believes Arkham Knight provides a "natural end for the story" and will "go out in style."

Here's the first trailer; unfortunately there's not much in the way of actual gameplay on display, as is usually the case in trailers for triple-A games, but it at least gives us something of an idea of the game's setup and atmosphere.

As with Arkham City, the game features an open world to explore, this time encompassing a larger urban sprawl from another area of Gotham City. As well as gliding and grappling around, you'll also be able to drive the Batmobile; streets have been made wider to accommodate the new driving gameplay, which apparently "integrates smoothly" with the existing gameplay rather than being its own separate module. "We've known it's what people want," said Hill. "It refreshes the whole experience."

The game is the first of the Arkham series to not launch on seventh-generation consoles; it's exclusive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This means we can hopefully expect a leap forward in terms of visual fidelity as well as more ambitious design choices made with modern hardware in mind.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the cover star for this month's Game Informer, so expect more news to start trickling out once the print magazine is in subscribers' hands.

Check out the official website to preorder, and keep an eye on it for an "interactive exhitibit" [sic] exploring the new Batmobile "soon." Preorder customers will be able to play as Harley Quinn in four challenge maps.

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