Battlefield 1 - Assault Class Guide

Battlefield 1 - Assault Class Guide

Here's some tips for effectively playing the Assault class.

Like shooting things? Don't want to be bothered with pesky support and healing duties? Then Assault is the Battlefield 1 class for you! Read on to learn how to best lay waste to your enemies with the Assault class.

Unlike previous Battlefield games, the Assault class is entirely focused on offense. Assault players are going to be right in the thick of fighting, as most of the weapons and tools focus on close skirmishes and vehicle destruction. This guide will show you how to best leverage Assault's arsenal of firepower and what it needs to do to succeed on the battlefield.

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While Assault can attack from afar to some degree, what they're really designed for is close strikes against specific targets. That means that Assault wants to be the class most focused on taking objective points and defending them. Most of their guns have bayonets, so you always have the option of switching to a bayonet charge if someone rushes you. Just remember that you're going to lurch forward in a straight line as fast as your feet can possibly take you. This will make you a huge target, though, so most of the time you'll just want to use normal melee attacks up close. On the other hand, bayonet charges will move you at a speed faster than your normal sprint, so feel free to use it to dash towards objectives in safer spaces where it won't get you killed. For tips on what weapons work best with Assault and the other classes, check out Battlefield 1 Guide to the Best Guns for Each Class

No, Battlefield 1 is very much a game where you need to keep your head down, and that's no more true than it is with the Assault class. Their range is somewhat limited, so you're going to have to get used to ducking from cover to cover as you close in on your target. Debris, buildings, and trenches are your friend, so learn to recognize them, and if all else fails, hit the dirt to skirt enemy fire. You should be sticking to a Medic like glue if you can, which also means watching their back and keeping them alive. You can't be revived if they're dead.

Assault thrives at taking and defending points. Don't be overeager and rush to the flag while an enemy squad is hovering around the flag, but rather close the distance and find an advantageous nearby spot to tear through their defenses. Assault is all about close quarters, so your best type of weapon is the shotgun. That's also the range you should use as a guideline to how close you need to be to engage the enemy. Don't forget to utilize your grenades to clear out groups. Impact grenades should be the first thing you invest in, as they detonate shortly after landing, which comes in handy if you suddenly turn the corner and find a couple of prowling enemy troops. Once you have a point, you can use dynamite and mines to guard choke points. Dynamite can also be used to blow up buildings, killing enemies in them with debris.

Don't forget that you're your team's main infantry defense against vehicles and tanks. Anti-tank mines work wonders for defending points from tanks, and if you don't have time to set up defenses, remember that you also have anti-tank grenades.

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