Battlefield 1 Field Manual Location Guide

Battlefield 1 Field Manual Location Guide

Our ongoing, updated reference to finding every Field Manual in the game.

Battlefield 1 is finally here. DICE's trip back to World War 1 is available to play by anybody who paid up for the Early Enlister edition, and anybody who's got an Origin Access account on Xbox One can have ten hours' worth of period combat between now and the release date on Friday 21st October. Meanwhile, our own Kat is fighting across the Western Front in out Battlefield 1 review.

As with all Battlefield games it'll live forever in multiplayer, but there is still a campaign mode which contains a series of collectible Field Manuals. Collecting these bags you Achievements or Trophies - one gets you the Catching Up on Some Reading one, get all of them and you'll get Enough for a Library. This guide will round up exactly how you can find every Field Manual in Battlefield 1's campaign. We'll add to this list as players spend more time with the game and find more of them - and we'll continue adding to our main Battlefield 1 guide.

Finding every Field Manual Location in Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 campaign is broken up into War Stories, and we're going to list them here in the order that you'll encounter them. The first War Story, Through Mud and Blood, has ten Field Manuals for you to find.

Over the Top
Field Manual 1 - you'll need to capture all three control points in the village first. Once you've done that, head up the hill and find a the boundary wall made from upright logs, with a Weapon Station near door. Next to this is a pile of bullet casings and junk, and next to this is your first Field Manual.

Field Manual 2 - when you enter the town being shelled by the enemy, head right towards the church. Nearby there's a field hospital with beds inside. Go inside and find the line of large pots - next to them there's a crate which you can break open to reveal the Field Manual.

Field Manual 3 - leave the hospital through the back entrance and head left towards the church. If you're already facing the church, look to the right. Along the outer wall of the church you'll see another crate you can break open to retrieve a Field Manual - it's next to a big wheel.

Field Manual 4 - head to the trench-filled farm at Point D and look for the building on the right. Between it and the nearest trench is an area of grass with another crate on it. Inside is - surprise - another Field Manual.

Field Manual 5 - leave the outpost and follow the road up the hill - but don't go quite as far as the bridge at the end of the mission. The road veers away to the left, and is surrounded by abandoned vehicles. Look for the ones with AT guns on the back - on the ground near here you'll find the last Field Manual of this area.

Fog of War
Field Manual 6 - You'll need to get past the two gun positions on the other side of the wooden bridge. Once you've got past them, follow the path until it breaks left towards the forest. Don't follow it - instead, turn right and up the hill. Here you'll find a crate containing the Field Manual..

Field Manual 7 - The second ruined building you'll reach is (or was) a church - you can tell from the remains of the stone arches which are still standing. There's a bunker underneath this - go inside and you'll find the Field Manual in the back corner, on the left.

Field Manual 8 - This can be found under the iron bridge. Beneath it, on the other side of the stream, there's a patch of flat ground that you can drop down to. Cross the bridge and do that. The Field Manual will be clearly visible.

Field Manual 9 - Carry on through the mission and you'll reach a hill containing concrete bunkers. The one on the left-hand side contains a crate which contains a Field Manual.

Field Manual 10 - leave the bunker and look for the nearby supply depot, to the right of the entrance - it'll have a Weapons Station, and a series of mounds of earth. Behind these you'll find a Field Manual in its expected crate.

Field Manual 11 - in the first village, head towards the main objective marker - but don't get there. The first Field Manual is in a doorway in the far left corner of the block. In a crate, of course.

Field Manual 12 - Head down the hill from the village, cross the path and the fence, and go inside the windmill. Get to the top of it and you'll find the crate containing your next Field Manual.

Field Manual 13 - keep heading down the hill, but bear right towards the tank depot - this holds the next Field Manual. You can enter the building next to the tank repair station and go all the way to the top-floor attic. This contains a series of tarps, behind which you'll find the crate that you're looking for.

Field Manual 14 - leave the building next to the tank depot and head to the main road running through the village. As it enters the village there's a two-storey building with a machine-gun turret in the window, facing the windmill. You can find the Cavalry Sword under a table near the door in the corner, but that's not what we're here for - you want the Field Manual, which is upstairs in a crate behind some furniture.

Field Manual 15 - You need to start from the same place as Field Manual 11, but head to the right instead of the left. Follow the street on the right-hand side of the village, with a stone bridge over a stream. Before you enter the mission area proper, you'll see a farmhouse with a fenced garden with an army tent in the corner. Opposite this you'll find the crate, inside a storage shed.

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