Battlefield 1 - How to Get XP and Level Fast

Battlefield 1 - How to Get XP and Level Fast

Here's how to level quickly in Battlefield 1.

Leveling in Battlefield 1 multiplayer is the only way to get access to the best guns and gear in each class. That's why you're going to want to rack up as much XP as possible quickly. Here's some tips and strategies to get XP and level up fast.

If you want to get the best gear in Battlefield 1, you have to level up both each of the individual classes and your own profile in general, and that means grinding out multiplayer sessions. But you're not going to get very far if you just go into them with the mindset of getting as many kills as possible. This guide will list tips and strategies for leveling quickly.

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  • Never forget that Battlefield games are team games that reward you for being a team player. If you want a general rule of thumb for leveling, this is it. Most team-oriented actions are rewarded with XP.
  • Earn Battlepacks. Battlepacks sometimes drop XP multipliers you can use before a match. Be sure to make it count by using it in a match you know you're going to get a lot of points in. For tips on how to get Battlepacks, check out our Guide to Battlepacks, Scrap, and Puzzle Pieces.
  • Go after Medals. The new Medal system in Battlefield 1 lets you tailor your leveling to your playstyle. Each Medal has five different levels to complete, and completing all of them gets you a bunch of bonus XP. You can only go after one Medal at a time, however, so pick the one you think will be the easiest to complete quickly.
  • Focus on capturing points in Conquest. Points provide a huge amount of XP, so work with your squad to take and defend them. Getting these point while part of a squad will get you even more XP. Rush doesn't feature as many control points, so if you want to get more XP, Conquest is the mode you want.
  • Play to your class's strengths and you'll be rewarded with XP. Medics who heal will get more experience than Medics who focus entirely on gunning down everything in sight. Support throwing down ammo, Medics healing, and similar non-killing acts all get XP.
  • Don't quit a match before it's over. If you stick it out until the end, you'll get XP multipliers and bonus XP dependent on your team's performance.
  • Join a squad. This attaches a significant multiplier to your XP automatically, and sticking with them gives you even more XP. You don't need to be friends with the people in your squad, as you can join up with any one before you jump into a match.
  • Follow squad orders. A squad leader can mark certain objectives to attack and defend, and if you do, you'll get an XP bonus. They don't last, though, so make sure you get to the waypoint before it disappears.
  • Likewise, whenever a squad member spawns on you, you get bonus XP, so make sure you're always someplace where people want to spawn.

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