Battlefield 1 - Medic Class Guide

Battlefield 1 - Medic Class Guide

Here's how to use the Medic class to keep your squad alive and kicking.

Like keeping your team alive? Completely committed to the team dynamic? Then keep everyone healthy with the Medic class in Battlefield 1. This guide will show you how to maximize your healing prowess.

The Medic class consists of a bunch of really useful tools for keeping everyone else on your team alive and some bare-bones weapons to defend yourself with. Medic is a class that is completely uninterested in engaging with the enemy, and totally committed to propping up your wounded team. Here, we'll show you the best ways to heal as many people as possible while putting yourself in as little danger as possible.

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Unless something goes terribly wrong, you're going to need to be completely devoted to healing, which means sticking close to as many allies as possible to maximize your healing potential. It also means getting really good at running for cover, and dashing between walls to get to your team. Learn when to run, when to crouch, and when to run away when a situation gets too dangerous. Remember: You're not a coward, you're being strategic.

You'll want to be part of the squads that take and defend points, but not to actually defend the point so much as defend your squadmates. Throw out your Medical Crate and bandage up the worst injuries to keep your team rock solid. If you absolutely must help defend the point by force, then look around for gun emplacements, which almost certainly pack more firepower than your sad selection of weapons.

As far as those squadmates are concerned, though, you're going to have to be smart about who you buddy up with. Scouts don't really need Medics hanging around because they don't really get wounded – they either stay perfectly healthy or they die from being discovered. Assault needs constant attention, but you don't want to follow them too closely because of how often they end up in close quarters. Do follow them, but keep at a safe distance until you're needed. Support more signals whether someone is worth following or not. If you see a Support and a Medic following a more combat-oriented class, you're probably not necessary. If you just see a Support following someone, join in to give your ward both a big ammo and health boost. If the Support is alone? Only if you don't have any more pressing holes to fill.

By far your most important role, however, is reviving downed squadmates. The Medical Syringe revives any team member who is bleeding out. The problem, though, is that you need to actually go over to the downed comrade and administer it, which is difficult given that somewhere someone died is usually a dangerous place to be. Also, the Medical Syringe takes time to charge, which means you need to not be too capricious in reviving just anyone you see. Use good judgment when deciding whether or not to revive someone and don't just run out just to get mowed down. Calculate the risk to yourself against the benefit to your current situation when deciding to run in and revive someone.

If you're caught in a firefight with no choice but to engage, do everything you can to slip away. Smoke grenades are an invaluable evasive maneuver in a pinch, and don't forget that you do have weapons if you need to use them. For tips on what weapons work best with Medic and the other classes, check out Battlefield 1 Guide to the Best Guns for Each Class

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