Battlefield 1 - Scout Class Guide

Battlefield 1 - Scout Class Guide

Here's some tips and hints to playing the Scout class in Battlefield 1.

Enjoy headshots? Love sniping from afar? Hate getting up close and personal? Then maybe the Scout class in Battlefield 1 is right for you! Here's our guide to the Scout class, which offers tips to navigating this difficult class.

The Scout class is a long range-focused class that has the most raw power when it comes to taking out ground troops, but it demands sniping mastery for you to be at all effective in this role. This guide will walk you through the art of sniping in Battlefield: where to station yourself, how to protect yourself, and how to stay out of the line of fire.

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More than any other class, Scout is the one where you need to know the map. You're not going to be moving around a lot, so you're going to need to find the most effective sniping perches pointed at the control points. As a general rule of thumb, high ground is usually better, and laying prone will help keep you hidden as you pick off the enemy team. Even with the height advantage, though, many control points will be tricky to effectively snipe due to them being entrenched. They usually have one or two vulnerabilities, though, so consider the entire perimeter when making you initial intel sweeps of new areas.

Don't ever forget that you're supposed to be covert, so again, laying prone is ideal. Don't move around too much, as not only does this cause your body to move, but it also reflects light from the glass of your scope, giving away your position. If you must move, stop aiming. Utilize holding your breath to stop your own shakiness do that you're not aiming all over the place. All it takes is one miss to bring the entire might of the other side down on you. For tips on what weapons work best with Scout and the other classes, check out Battlefield 1 Guide to the Best Guns for Each Class

Make sure that your perch has an escape route just in case someone charges in trying to melee you to death. The last thing you want to do is put yourself into a corner. If you absolutely must, make sure that your field of vision encompasses both the way in and the control point while having your back against a wall. Otherwise, remember that ledges are your friend and you should leap off of them in a pinch.

Scout also is the class most reliant on sidearms, as traveling from one spot to another with your sniper rifle equipped is almost certainly a bad idea. Use your pistol to dispatch any troops you bump into en route to a control point. You should also get used to switching between the rifle and pistol quickly as a defense against enemies invading your sniping spot.

Never underestimate the power of the Scout in a squad of people who know each other and communicate through voice chat. Not only can the Scout utilize its incredible aim and field of vision to kill far-off foes, but they can also serve as recon for your squad, with the rifle scope acting as binoculars. As well as an incredibly powerful scalpel, the Scout can also be the eyes and ears of your squad.

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