Battlefield 1 Summer Update Patch Notes, Adds Xbox One X 4K Support

Battlefield 1 Summer Update Patch Notes, Adds Xbox One X 4K Support

As well as a ton of re-balancing and bug fixes.

DICE has just launched a new Summer update to Battlefield 1. The update, which is available now, fixes a huge list of issues, and provides balancing tweaks to several gameplay features. Most notable is the addition of Xbox One X 4K resolution rendering, something which fans have been requesting for a while now.

The update mostly offers up minor quality of life improvements, like how friendly flares now now display their spotting radius to teammates, allowing for better coordination between recon players. There’s also a fix for the notorious mortar and AA gun griefing that has plagued the game since launch.

Players can now adjust color and visibility of the lens sight reticle, and an issue where damage that resulted in a score less than 0.5 wasn’t messaged to players has been fixed. There’s plenty that’s changed as part of the new Summer update, we’ve listed the key info below:

  • Improved loading times going into the soldier customization screen and reduced occurrence of disconnects when trying to join a server.
  • Fixed an issue where players in a queue were blocked from joining a match, behind a player that was waiting for a space to open on a specific team (as a result of join on party or friend).
  • Rebalanced Shock Operations on Lupkow Pass, Zeebrugge, and Prise de Tahure.
  • M1903 Experimental now has an alternative fire mode.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle laid Anti-Tank Mines would have difficulty detecting vehicles.
  • Added gameplay options to show compass bearing numbers on the mini-map and the big map.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the visibility of the 3D objective and soldier names separate from the icons.
  • The world icon customization gameplay options now work in spectator mode too.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the crosshair size and the hit indicator size.
  • Added gameplay options for adjusting the visibility of the receiving damage HUD panel.
  • Fixed an issue with dog tags sometimes showing up blank in kill cards or when completing a melee kill.
  • For full patch notes, click here.

Battlefield players have a fair bit to look forward to this year, with Battlefield 5 launching October 11. The next entry into the long-running shooter series takes the action to WW2, developing some of the features first introduced in Battlefield 1, like the war Stories single-player campaign mode. There’s going to be a battle royale mode (of course), and a heavy emphasis on squad-based play. For more info on the game, head over to our Battlefield 5 Everything We Know Page.

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