Battlefield 1 - Support Class Guide

Battlefield 1 - Support Class Guide

Here's how to effectively enhance your squad with the Support class.

Like being a team player? Want to annoy your enemies into submission? Enjoy tanks? Then Support is the class for you! Here's some tips to playing the Support class in Battlefield 1.

Covering possibly the broadest swath of roles on the battlefield, the Support class can be a difficult class to play effectively. Encompassing suppressive fire, ammo distributor, and tank mechanic, Support offers a versatile skillset for those who can find focus in these disparate elements. In this guide, we'll show you how to effectively tame this varied class.

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First of all, make peace with the fact that you're going to be buddying up with someone. Support doesn't really work all that well as a solo operative since most of their strengths are built to enhance others. Your ability to distribute ammo is key, and you should absolutely spam it at people as much as the game will let you. It won't even take up much of your attention since it requires so little of you.

Your combat capabilities are also geared towards making others better. Your machine guns have a decent range, but an unimpressive rate of fire. Your main job is more to provide cover fire for the rest of your squad. What this means is shooting at enemies as a method of keeping pressure on them while the heavier hitters in your squad can deal the decisive deathblow. You'll still be in a position to rack up the kills, but your job is more to annoy your enemy into submission. Prepare to get a lot of assists. For tips on what weapons work best with Support and the other classes, check out Battlefield 1 Guide to the Best Guns for Each Class

Equipment that subtly hampers the opposing team pairs best with Support. Anything that releases gas, whether it be grenades or tripwires, adds to your supression abilities. Even if it doesn't kill anyone, it forces them to put on gas masks, which means they can't aim down their sights. Gas also limits visibility, creating confusion and breaking up a coordinated squad with a little bit of panic and chaos. Tripwires are Support's specialty, so start learning how to place them at choke points, or even behind you as you sprint to your next objective so that enemies don't tail you.

You also have the option of prioritizing crewing tanks, which is true for every class, but Support has the ability to repair damage to a vehicle. The best approach is to ride in one of the passenger seats, providing more cover fire for your tank and ground troops, then get out and repair it as needed. You can't do this with things like cars, but tanks are slow enough that you can give them a bit of a buff, which can mean the difference between your tank exploding and staying intact. The best scenario, though, is when your tank stops in the middle of a hotly-contested control point. All you need to do there is position yourself at an angle where the tank provides you with cover and keep repairing it. Eventually the tank will take their forces out, so keeping it whole is key.

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