Battlefield 1's Apocalypse DLC is Out, Brings Us New Maps and Horsey Gas Masks

Battlefield 1's Apocalypse DLC is Out, Brings Us New Maps and Horsey Gas Masks

Say "neigh" to poisoning your horse friend.

Someday the guns will go silent over Battlefield 1's campaign, but that day is not today. Today marks the release of Battlefield 1's Apocalypse DLC, and the flames of war roar as loudly as ever across a new bundle of maps.

Apocalypse is currently available for Premium Pass holders and owners of Battlefield 1's complete Revolution edition. Everyone else needs to wait a couple more weeks before descending back into the trenches. Apocalypse is the last of Battlefield 1's DLC. Wars once had decisive ends, you know.

If you're on the front lines, you'll be deployed to several maps engineered to emulate the most brutal battles of the Great War. You'll defend bridges (and defend yourself against gas attacks) in Caporetto, endure the deep mud and bleak landscape of Passchendaele, sit tight in River Somme's trenches, outfly your foes amongst the peaks of the Alps in Razor's Edge, and engage in intense dogfights above the skies of Britain's capital in London Calling.

A new mode, Air Assault, lets you take on enemy pilots with the biplane of your choice. If you can fly, or if you can shoot, you can help your team earn points according to which enemy aircraft you shoot down, and how many.

Aliens are coming to Battlefield 1! ... Oh wait, it's just a horse wearing a depressing contraption.

Some vehicles receive an update in Apocalypse, too. Notably, horses are now outfitted with gas masks too protect them against toxic attacks. Whew. Nothing breaks my heart like seeing / reading about the Great War's Calvary.

Apocalypse also brings a host of new guns and weapons to the fray (this is humanity's most brutal war, after all) as well as new specializations and afflictions. EA's official patch notes for Apocalypse list every new addition, and outline tweaks and bug fixes.

Kat, USgamer's resident history buff, enjoys Battlefield 1 a lot thanks to its top-notch map design and its (successful) drive to bring Battlefield back to its roots. If you're pulling on your combat boots for the first time, or if you're getting ready to re-enlist with Apocalypse, we've got all the hints, tips, and guides you need for Battlefield 1.

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