Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC Enters Early Access Today

If you're ready to fight with the French Army, you need to be a premium pass owner.

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Battlefield 1 receives its first taste of downloadable content today, with They Shall Not Pass entering early access for owners of the Battlefield Premium Pass. The new DLC adds the French Army for the first time after their absence in the original game. In addition, you get one new mode, two operations, four maps, and a host of new weapons.

Frontlines is the DLC's new game gameplay mode, mixing the Rush and Conquest modes, focusing on a single capture point at a time. Beyond the Marne is the close-quarters combat operation, while Devil's Anvil is all about the vehicles. Finally, the fighting will take place across maps inspired by the French side of the conflict: Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture. For more information about They Shall Not Pass, you can check out our full look at everything in the package.

Kat's already taken a gander at They Shall Not Pass in our preview, calling it "a victory lap of sorts" for the game.

"As it turns out, it's a lot of fun to duck in and around trenches as mortar fire and grenades explode all around you. They make the terrain look war-torn and rugged, adding to the flavor of desperate struggle; and while trenches make for great defensive fortifications, it's also a lot of fun to sneak up behind someone ducking for cover in one and knife them. They also tend to serve as major concentration points, especially around flags, resulting in bigger and more chaotic battles," Kat noted in her preview.

If that's your jam, the Premium Pass is available for $49.99. The Pass includes a total of four DLC expansions, with the next expansion being In The Name Of The Tsar, which focuses on the Russian Army. That will be followed by Turning Tides, which is all about amphibious warfare, and Apocalypse, which takes players to World War I's worst battles.

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