Battlefield 4 Premium Members Receiving Refunds

Battlefield 4's troubles continue, as Premium subscribers start jumping ship and investors express concern.

News by Pete Davison, .

The saga of woe surrounding Battlefield 4 continues, it seems.

Following a slew of problems with the game, some of which have been patched and some of which are still waiting to be resolved, a number of Xbox-based Battlefield 4 Premium members -- those who paid extra for early access to certain content -- have been requesting refunds from Microsoft Support. And it's been working, too; those who have complained have successfully received refunds, though their Battlefield 4 Premium memberships have been revoked in the process.

Players who have been trying to play the game on Sony platforms have also been requesting refunds, but in the absence of a real-time chat facility like Microsoft has, responses have been less immediate.

It's not just the players who are upset with Battlefield 4, either; Polygon reports that law firm Holzer, Holzer and Fistel, LLC is currently investigating EA for misleading investors and analysts regarding the quality of the game. The firm is focusing its investigation on whether or not EA violated federal securities laws by making false statements about the game's development status, quality and potential impact on revenue and future projects -- we've already seen that DICE has been pulled off a number of high-profile future projects to fix the game, which will doubtless have an impact on revenue and costs.

In the meantime, DICE is doing its best to keep players up to date on the status of the game and its numerous upcoming fixes. A new Top Issues Tracker keeps players abreast of everything the team is up to, and what they can expect to be fixed next.

For now, continue to handle Battlefield 4 with caution; many players are seemingly able to play successfully, but others are still stuck waiting for fixes.

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  • Avatar for bigdsweetz #1 bigdsweetz 4 years ago
    I can say that I'm one of these people. The games froze on me twice. The first time it froze it corrupted my save and I had to start over right after the CIA agent died. The second time it corrupted on me was literally at the part of the game where you have to make a decision as to who dies. I made my choice, clicked the button and then BLUESCREEN. All I will say is this. I won't be playing this anymore. As much as I enjoyed the game, stuff like this is a buzz kill. And I was actually for the first time in a LONG time, singing them praise......oh well.
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