Battlefield 5 Reveals 64-player Battle Royale Mode 'Firestorm'

Teams of 4 fight to become the last squadron standing.

EA revealed more details about its upcoming battle royale mode today, including its name: Firestorm. The full reveal also includes details about the various multiplayer modes, War Stories, and post-launch content.

Firestorm is the name of Battlefield 5's upcoming battle royale mode. Firestorm supports a total of 64 players in teams of four. No word on solo play yet, so it sounds like the mode is limited to team play.

Firestorm was first teased at the end of a brief Gamescom trailer with a large ring of fire that many predicted was the blue circle. Firestorm will apparently be the biggest map in the series' history and include vehicles and destructible buildings.

EA DICE also detailed a couple more episodes in the War Stories narrative mode. We knew about the Nordlys story where a young woman fights for Norwegian liberation, but there's also Under No Flag where a British convict is enlisted to fight in North Africa. The remaining story chapters include Tirailleur, a prologue, a fifth post-launch chapter called The Last Tiger.

There is also the Tides of War which is available for free to all players, ridding Battlefield of the Premium Pass. New content daily, weekly, and monthly will take players through narrative-based challenges leading into 2019 where a new chapter and new Greek setting are introduced.

Battlefield 5's beta starts today and will go until September 11. For more, check out our Battlefield 5 beta guide and wait for the game to come out on November 20 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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