Battlefield 5 Reveals Several New Maps and Teases the Pacific Theater

Battlefield 5 Reveals Several New Maps and Teases the Pacific Theater

Get ready to head east.

Battlefield 5 continues to roll out free seasonal content. On June 27, Chapter 4: Defying the Odds kicks off with two new 64-player maps and will continue throughout the summer. There's even a teaser for the Pacific Theater coming to Battlefield 5.

The next Battlefield 5 chapter begins on June 27 with the first 64-person map, Al Sudan. Based on the single-player war story campaign Under No Flag, Al Sudan is described as a classic multiplayer map involving big distances, vehicle-based teamplay, and a variety of different ranges to fight on.

Then in July, EA DICE will release the second large map Marita. This will be the second map set in Greece following Mercury, and is designed to combine the mountains and the city with cobblestone roads, rivers, and infantry-focused combat.

These maps will be followed by two smaller maps, one in the Lofoten Islands, the other in Provence. Then, between Chapter 4 and 5 there will be Operation Underground, a subway station-based map designed for intense close quarter combat similar to the Operation Metro map from Battlefield 3.

The biggest surprise from the Chapter 4 reveal today is the short teaser for the Pacific Theater. While there are no details yet, it looks like the combat is going to eventually leave Europe and head into the Pacific, where Allied powers will fight the Japanese Empire.

EA is promising more details at this weekend's EA Play event during E3. Check out our E3 2019 guide for a full schedule for EA reveals and announcements.

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