Battlefield 5's DLC Schedule Announced, Battle Royale Mode Launches March 2019

Battlefield 5's DLC Schedule Announced, Battle Royale Mode Launches March 2019

Firestorm incoming.

Today, EA announced the full DLC schedule for Battlefield 5. Battlefield 5 is set to release next month, with the post-launch content slate running all the way until the end of March 2019.

In a blog post, EA announced the full slate for the 'Tides of War', the planned DLC schedule, all of which will be free. You can see the full slate below, one of the highlights being the Firestorm Battle Royale mode, which comes in near the end of the DLC plan in March 2019.

Between December and January, there's new tank cosmetics, new tank battles taking place in Belgium, and The Last Tiger War Story, which lets you see things from a German perspective. Then, between January and March 2019, Rush and Squad Conquest modes will be making their debut in Battlefield 5, as will new Grand Operations.

Finally, the Firestorm Battle Royale mode, another mysterious new multiplayer mode, a map set in Greece, and more will be kicking off in March 2019. As we mentioned earlier, all this DLC for Battlefield 5 is completely free, ditching the Season Pass model used for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 5 releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 20. For everything else you need to know about EA and DICE's upcoming shooter, head over to our Battlefield 5 guide.

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