Battlefield 5's New Premium Currency Launches Tomorrow. Here's What Your Money Buys

XP Boosts, cosmetics, and new "Elite" characters.

EA DICE is finally implementing its premium currency into Battlefield 5. Unlike Company Coin, which is earned in-game, Battlefield Currency can be purchased with real money. EA DICE also detailed what exactly is available to purchase using Battlefield Currency, and it's all largely cosmetics.

Starting on April 4 players can have the option to purchase the premium Battlefield Currency using real money through the main menu. EA DICE hasn't revealed a conversion rate yet for Battlefield Currency, so we'll find out tomorrow when it launches.

Battlefield Currency will be available to purchase on any platform and can be used to purchase three different types of items: Cosmetics, Elite Sets, and Time Savers.

Cosmetic items are awarded by progressing through Battlefield 5 and leveling up your account through direct progression like Chapter Rewards or Career, Class, and Weapon Ranks. They're also purchasable through the in-game Company Coin Currency. On April 4 you can start using Battlefield Currency to purchase new "Epic" tier cosmetics, as well as some that are already available through Company Coin.

Elites are a new feature coming in Chapter 3 of Battlefield 5 which lets you play as a "distinct soldier" in multiplayer modes and Firestorm battle royale. These characters aren't just stock characters players can choose from, but have unique appearances, names, and backgrounds. They even have character voice-overs, animations, and a set of cosmetic items.

Lastly, players can purchase Time Savers which are broken down into two things: Tier Catch-Ups and XP Boosts. Tier Catch-Ups let players unlock Chapter Reward items like skins and weapons. And XP Boosts accelerate the experience point players earn during play, making it so that they can level their Chapter, Career, Weapon, Vehicle, or Class Rank faster.

Elites and Time Savers will not be available on April 4 but will be coming later. The Epic tier cosmetics will, however, be available when Battlefield Currency launches.

We'll hopefully have more info about Battlefield Currency when it launches, especially conversion rates for real world money. Check out our Battlefield 5 guide for more coverage.

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