Battlefield Hardline Syndicate Assignment Guide - 300 Knockout and Double-Barrel Shotgun

Battlefield Hardline Syndicate Assignment Guide - 300 Knockout and Double-Barrel Shotgun

How to unlock all the Syndicate weapons in Battlefield Hardline, including the 300 Knockout.

This guide will help gamers earn all of the class based Syndicate weapons in Battlefield Hardline. Not only will we show you how to unlock the final assignments for the ARM Assault Rifle, FMG9 Submachine Gun, Double-Barrel Shotgun and .300 Knockout, but we'll also help you complete those assignments as efficiently as possible. Don't get us wrong, there's still going to be some grinding, but that's part of what makes these weapons so appealing - Most gamers will never touch them.

If you're planning to unlock all of the Syndicate weapons, we'd advise just playing the game as you would normally, switching your class depending on the game mode and situation. For example, if you're playing Hotwire, the Mechanic might be the way to go, whereas the Operator could be ideal if you decided to jump into some Team Deathmatch. If you're like us, however, and are only really interested in one of the class based Syndicate weapons (in our case it's the FMG9 Submachine Gun), it would be beneficial for you to play that class whenever possible.

Before you go crazy thinking that these assignments are easy, keep in mind that each one has several moving parts that make it up. For example, the Operator Assignment 1 will have several things that need to be completed, as will Operator Assignment 2. In fact, there are so many variables that players would be wise to visit Battlelog, either on the web or in-game. This will help you track your progress with each one.

If multi-player isn't your thing, or perhaps you just need a break from the Syndicate grind, be sure to check out our awesome guide that will help you find all the Evidence, and complete all the Case Files in Battlefield Hardline. Of course, we assume that since you're here, multi-player is your thing, and we've recently beefed up our content with this in-depth multi-player guide for Battlefield Hardline. Check it out if you'd like to bump up your overall first-person shooter skills.

How to Unlock the ARM Assault Rifle

In order to unlock the ARM Assault Rifle in Battlefield Hardline, players will first have to complete the Operator Syndicate assignment, which itself requires certain criteria to be met before it becomes available. You'll find them below.

  • Operator Assignment 1
  • Operator Assignment 2
  • Purchase 10 Operator Specific Guns or Gadgets
  • Unlock Operator Gold Service Star 1

Wondering why you don't have your rifle yet? The reason is because you've got a lot more work to do. What you completed above was just to earn the right to earn the ARM Assault Rifle. The Operator Syndicate assignment can be completed as follows.

  • 200 Assault Rifle Kills
  • Complete Level 4 Operator Reputation Track 10 Times
  • 15 First Aid Pack Coins
  • 15 Revive Coins
Keep in mind that when you're in a vehicle, you're not earning cash or experience toward your class specific assignments (Operator Assignment 1, for example). You must be boots on the ground for that.

How to Unlock the Double-Barrel Shotgun

If the Double-Barrel Shotgun is your thing, then expect to have to complete the Enforcer Syndicate assignment in order to get your hands on it. Just like the Operator, however, you'll have to jump through a few hoops before you can even work to unlock it. As you'll see down below, some of those hoops are more difficult to fit through than others.

  • Enforcer Assignment 1
  • Enforcer Assignment 2
  • Purchase 10 Enforcer Specific Guns or Gadgets
  • Unlock Enforcer Gold Service Star 1

As players can see, the details of each Syndicate assignment aren't that different from one class to the next, but there are certainly some long gaming nights in store if these weapons are a must-have. When you've unlocked the Enforcer Syndicate assignment, this is how you can complete it.

  • 200 Shotgun or Battle Rifle Kills
  • Complete Level 4 Enforcer Reputation Track 10 Times
  • 15 Ammo Resupply Coins
  • 15 Ballistic Shield Coins

How to Unlock the FGM9 Submachine Gun

This is the one that really got us interested in the Syndicate assignments. Not because it's a great gun, just because we have a disturbing obsession with the Submachine Guns in Battlefield Hardline. Of course, before we could even think about completing the Mechanic Syndicate assignment, we first had to grind through some pre-assignment criteria.

  • Mechanic Assignment 1
  • Mechanic Assignment 2
  • Purchase 10 Mechanic Specific Guns or Gadgets
  • Unlock Mechanic Gold Service Star 1

Once we had all of that nonsense out of the way, the real fun began with the actual Mechanic Syndicate assignment. It's relatively similar to the other three, with the Level 4 Reputation Track being the most difficult aspect by a mile. Players will find that the Hotwire game mode is by far the best place to knock most of these tasks off, with the 200 SMG kills being the exception. To get a lot of kills quickly, think about hitting up some Team Deathmatch. Skilled players can likely hammer out 30-50 kills a round, meaning the grind will be limited to a couple of hours.

  • 200 SMG Kills
  • Complete Level 4 Mechanic Reputation Track 10 Times
  • 15 Repair Tool Coins
  • 15 Anti-Vehicle Coins
Be sure to equip your Reputation Boosts if you want to unlock the Reputation Perk Level 4.

How to Unlock the 300 Knockout Sniper Rifle

We anticipate that this will be the main weapon that most players are looking to unlock in Battlefield Hardline. It's also the most difficult given that 200 kills as a Professional is far more difficult than if you were trying to do it as a Mechanic. To unlock the Professional Syndicate assignment, first complete the following tasks.

  • Professional Assignment 1
  • Professional Assignment 2
  • Purchase 10 Professional Specific Guns or Gadgets
  • Unlock Professional Gold Service Star 1

Once again, the actual Professional Syndicate assignment isn't that hard, until you get into having to unlock the Level 4 Reputation Track. That's just a straight up pain in the combat boots, and it's made worse by the fact players who use the Professional class are normally not in the thick of the action.

  • 200 Sniper Rifle Kills
  • Complete Level 4 Professional Reputation Track 10 Times
  • 15 Camera Coins
  • 15 Marksman Coins

How to Complete the Level 4 Reputation Track

Remove this criteria from each of the Syndicate assignments, and players are likely to be done them already. It's by far the hardest aspect of the grind, something that we sincerely hope gets patched in the near future. In its current state, gamers can expect to struggle unlocking the Level 4 Reputation Perk, even when using some of the in-game boosts.

In any case, there are things you can do to help your cause, such as playing in a squad full of your pals. Each time they spawn on you, you heal them, resupply them, or even repair the vehicle they're driving in, you're going to get some points.

Participating in team and squad based activities should see you unlock Level 1 and Level 2 fairly easily, and most times that you try you will likely be able to get to Level 3 as well. It's Level 4 that's killer, and the worst part is that when you die, your progress on that current level is reset. To paint a clearer picture, you could have three levels of perks unlocked and be half way through the fourth when you fall, and this will cause you to start the fourth track all over again, which is pretty much game over for that round.

The best trick that we have for completing Level 4 is on the Hotwire game mode, having one of our trusted squad-mates piloting the transport helicopter. We like to take up a position on the gun, then engage and destroy enemy objectives (marked vehicles) full of players. Combine that tactic with the boost, having a fairly successful run, and you just might pull it off. Now, you just need to do it nine more times and that Syndicate weapon is all yours.

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