Battlefield Hardline – Find All Evidence to Complete All Seven Case Files

Battlefield Hardline – Find All Evidence to Complete All Seven Case Files

Complete all the Case Files by locating all of the Evidence in Battlefield Hardline.

Easter eggs and collectibles have become a large part of video games in the past few years, and Visceral Games appears on track to continue that trend with Battlefield Hardline. Unlike previous games, where players would fight through a campaign based around war on foreign soil, Hardline sees the franchise switch gears and tackle the cops versus criminals dynamic. With that change comes a nice new set of collectibles, which players will find strewn throughout the campaign in the form of Evidence for seven different Case Files. Collecting all the Evidence in the game and completing all seven of the Case Files will unlock three separate trophies or achievements.


  • Keep Digging, Detective – Complete any Case File in single-player
  • True Detective – Complete three Case Files in single-player
  • World’s Greatest Detective – Complete all Case Files in single-player

Instead of walking you through all of the Evidence on an episode by episode basis, we're going to list them according to the Case File that they belong to. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use the Scanner to log each piece of Evidence. It's also worth noting that players can bring up the Scanner, which will show the distance to the closest piece of Evidence in the current episode. Of course, you could also just use our guide so you're not walking around with your Scanner out all day.

Case File: The Hot Shot File

Case Files can sometimes be completed in a single episode, but often require players to collect evidence in several.

Ledger and Money – Document

The first document you’ll find is located in Episode 1: Back to School, and is actually required to complete the episode. You’ll want to head up to the second floor of the school and locate the lab. Head inside to find this evidence resting on a desk beside a half-eaten hamburger.

Surveillance Photo of Stoddard – Document

Once again you’ll need to analyze this document in order to complete the first episode of the game, Back to School. While in the lab where you spotted the last collectible, turn around and locate a printer beside a sink along the right wall. If you look directly in front of the printer you’ll spot the Surveillance Photo of Stoddard sitting on top of a stack of manila folders.

Box of Hot Shot – Trace

Don’t worry, you can’t miss this evidence either, as you’ll need to pick it up to complete the first episode. From the lab where you found the documents, turn and locate the room which connects to the current area. Now head inside and look for the half opened box on a beat-up wooden table. If you’re having a hard time finding it, don’t stress, as your companion, Khai, will point it out after a few moments. After completing this first case you’ll unlock Keep Digging, Detective.

Case File: Hot Shot Supply Chain

Evidence isn't always easy to find, but the Scanner should show the disance that players are from the closest piece.

Box of Hot Shot – Trace

The first piece of evidence for this Case File is found in the laundry room in Episode 2: Checking Out. Look along the right wall near the stairs to find the Box of Hot Shot.

Exploded Drug Bale – Trace

Head to the Everglades nature reserve in Episode 3: Gator Bait. After you’ve hopped over the fence and taken out the hostiles, you’ll want to take a closer look at the ground around them to spot an exploded mass of drug bricks. Examine it with the scanner to log the evidence.

Crate of Hot Shot – Trace

This second piece of evidence is actually found in Episode 4: Case Closed. Once you’re in the Domo Roboto warehouse, you’ll want to find and enter the basement. Take out the guard near the camera’s controller, then head to the back corner of the room to spot the Crate of Hot Shot.

Gym Bag of Money – Physical

The first physical piece of evidence you run into is located within Episode 4. To find it you’ll want to head to the first floor of Neltz' warehouse and into the office on the right. You’ll find the bag of money stashed on a table.

Palette of Hot Shot – Trace

Further along in Episode 6: Out of Business, you’ll enter a chop shop. Once you’re inside take a look at the palette along the wall just across from the back office. The Palette of Hot shot is under a set of metal stairs. You can’t miss it.

Hot Shot Lab – Trace

To complete this Case File we’ll need to jump forward two episodes to Episode 8: Sovereign Land. Head into the trailer park via the fence to the right, then enter the one across from the picnic table once you’ve shut down the alarm. Analyze the kitchen stove to find a Hot Shot Lab, completing this Case File.

Case File: Elmore Hotel

Completing Case Files is not only going to help players unlock trophies and achievements, but also new weapons and gadgets.

Care Instructions Memo – Document

The Care Instructions Memo is found in Episode 2: Checking Out. Players will be able to locate it in the laundry room. Look for a Hawaiian shirt hanging from a metal shelf.

Drug Purchase List – Document

Still in Episode 2, head into the break room beside the laundry room where the last collectible was found. Grab the Drug Purchase List from the center table.

Vial of Hot Shot – Trace

In Episode 2, when you head into the hotel lobby, scan the guard near the entrance who is right-handed. You’ll find he has a warrant. Take him down and then search him to find the Vial of Hot Shot.

Tablet with IM Client – Document

Still in Episode 2, head behind the reception desk found in the hotel lobby and scan the tablet on the large office-style printer. This will log the Tablet with IM Client into evidence.

Answering Machine – Physical

Continuing with the collectibles in Episode 2, move into the office adjacent to the reception area and search through the left desk to locate the Answering Machine.

Elmore Plaza Business Card – Document

Head to the third floor break room inside of Neltz’ warehouse. Once you’re there, move into the nearby manager’s office and grab the Elmore Plaza Business Card off the desk to finish up this Case File.

Case File: Internal Affairs

In some cases, Evidence can be scanned from a distance, allowing the player to avoid potentially sticking situations.

Toxic Barrel – Trace

The Toxic Barrel can be found resting in the water at the corner of the dock in Episode 3: Gator Bait. Use the scanner to log it in as evidence.

Kilo of Cocaine – Trace

Still in Episode 3, head to the sawmill where you’ll find another dock. Disembark and climb to the top of the tower using the Grappling Hook. The Kilo of Cocaine will be sitting on the table.

Newspaper Story – Document

Use your scanner on all of the criminals around the gator farm in Episode 3 to find Thomas Bell. After taking him out using non-lethal tactics, find the Newspaper Story on his person.

Regional Zoning Map – Document

You’ll need to climb another tower in Episode 3 if you hope nab this collectible. As you head north from the reserve, look for a dock to your right. Use your Grappling Hook to reach the top of the tower, then turn north and locate the lower platform, utilizing the Zipline to grab the Regional Zoning Map.

Dead Gator – Physical

Head to the gator farm in Episode 3. Players can locate the Dead Gator lying near the walkway. Hit it with the Scanner (not literally) to scoop up this physical evidence.

Torture Traces – Physical

While at the gator farm (Episode 3), look for the longest building, heading inside to find a pair of cowboy boots that will serve as the Torture Traces physical evidence.

Chemical Barrel – Trace

It's time to locate another toxic waste barrel. This time, however, you’ll need to look around the Everglades in Episode 3. Head south from the gator farm until you reach another hut-like structure. You should clearly see this Chemical Barrel resting on the dock nearby.

Stained Fanboat – Physical

During Episode 3, you’ll find this piece of evidence in the middle of the sawmill. It will be propped up on a few cinder blocks. You can actually scan it from the water tower, but you’ll just need to zoom in a bit.

Water Sampling Equipment – Physical

Exit the left side of the barn at the sawmill and head inside the smaller shack nearby. The Water Sampling Kit will be sitting on a workbench. Yet another piece of physical evidence from Episode 3.

Note Pinned with Switchblade – Document

Still in Episode 3, locate the log pile outside the barn at the sawmill. It's here players will find this Note Pinned with Switchblade.

Manila Envelope – Document

Head up into the office inside the cargo container at the sawmill. This is in Episode 3, and the Manila Envelope is next to a computer on the desk farthest from the door.

Flyer for Tamu-Tamu – Document

Moving forward to Episode 4: Case Closed, head into the downstairs office at the Domo Roboto warehouse. It's here you'll find the Flyer for Tamu-Tamu tucked away on the bookshelf beside the water cooler.

Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy – Physical

When heading up the stairs of Neltz’ warehouse in Episode 4, players can find this collectible in the corner of the office just to the right of the break room.

Barrels of Dye – Trace

Climb back down to the first floor of the warehouse (Episode 4) to find these blue Barrels of Dye hiding near some boxes along the wall in the back.

Burner Cellphones – Physical

Continuing with evidence in Episode 4, head up to the third floor of the warehouse. Players should position themselves in the center hallway, then look for an office to the middle-left. It's here that they can get their hands on the Burner Cellphones.

Letter from Neltz’s Business Manager – Document

Head to the office under the Domo Roboto warehouse entrance to find a larger office. Inside this office you’ll find a Letter from Neltz's Business Manager located at the back of the room. Yet another collectible from Episode 4.

Tamu-Tamu DVDs – Physical

When you step out of the upstairs office in Episode 4, then onto the walkway near the shelves of the Domo Robot warehouse, zoom in on the center shelves with your scanner to find Tamu-Tamu DVDs.

Poster for Tamu-Tamu – Document

The final piece of the Internal Affairs Case File is also in Episode 4. Look under the tactical gear right as you enter the Domo Roboto warehouse. The Poster for Tamu-Tamu is on the shelf.

Case File: Power Play

Some Evidence can be found on the suspects with warrants. Be sure to check each one you arrest.

Letter from Kang’s Wife – Document

You’ll find the Letter from Kang's Wife beside the phone in the dealership’s back office in Episode 6: Out of Business.

Purchase Order for Bianchi – Document

During Episode 6, locate the Purchase Order for Bianchi by scanning the front desk on the left side of the dealership.

Boomer Photo – Document

Scan the criminals behind the garage (Episode 6) at the salvage yard to find this collectible. Take down the suspect with a warrant, James Mun, then snatch the Boomer Photo from his person.

Designer Luggage – Trace

Still in Episode 6, move inside the garage to find the Designer Luggage sitting on a table off to the side of the room.

K-pop Album – Physical

You’ll find this piece of evidence in front of a stereo, sitting in the corner across from the office inside the warehouse in Episode 6: Out of Business.

Remote Detonator – Physical

Look for the workbench close to the cars in the salvage yard warehouse (Episode 6) to find the Remote Detonator sitting out in the open.

Bomb Under Kang’s Bianchi – Physical

During Episode 6, locate the white car with open doors inside the salvage yard warehouse. Once you’ve found it, crouch beside the vehicle and Scan the bomb stuck to the bottom of the car.

Photo of Lily Kang and Roark – Document

Head through the door along the back side of the chop shop (Episode 6) to find the Photo of Lily Kang and Roark lying on the top of a desk.

White Van – Physical

Still in Episode 6, find this van sitting inside the garage close to the utility room. To scan it in you’ll need to analyze the torn label along the side.

Shipping Labels – Document

Moving on to Episode 7: Glass Houses, you’ll find Shipping Labels on the desk in the office, next to the dining room of the mansion.

Safe Combination – Document

Once the meeting has ended (Episode 7), head downstairs to the living room and identify the man with the warrant, Cameron Briller. Arrest him peacefully and then search him to find the Safe Combination.

Wall of Photos – Document

In Episode 7, these photos are pinned to a cork board inside a secret room in the gym. To get here you’ll need to enter the gym from the side furthest from the mansion. Examine the wall to the right, just across from the weight bench. Open this panel, interact with the keypad, and then move into the secret room to find the Wall of Photos.

Tanks of Tear Gas – Trace

Turn around after you have arrested the man in the greenhouse during Episode 7, finding the Tanks of Tear Gas sitting in the work closet.

Swat Flak Jackets – Physical

Continuing with the collectibles in Episode 7, head into the shooting range just behind the mansion, then find the Swat Flak Jackets sitting on a shelf in the small room to the left.

Box of SS190 Cartridges – Physical

You’ll find this evidence sitting on a shelf next to the shooting range’s lone gunman. It's the first of two pieces of evidence that Episode 7 has to offer in quick succession.

Rifle Suppressors – Physical

Just like the previous evidence in Episode 7, these Rifle Suppressors are on the floor just to the right of the shooter in the shooting range.

File Inside Safe – Document

Before you plant the phone in Roark’s pool house in Episode 7, look to the left hand side of the bed and open up the safe to find a file which can be scanned into evidence.

Email from Dawes’ Computer – Document

Later in Episode 9: Independence Day, when you enter the main office of the 21st floor you should take a look at the computer screen on the desk. This will be the Email from Dawes' Computer.

Case File: The Boomer Connection

Trophies are earned for completing one, three and finally, all the Case Files in Battlefield Hardline.

Bomb Blueprint – Document

After you have escaped the silo in Episode 8: Sovereign Land, join Boomer inside the communication trailer to find the Bomb Blueprint.

ATF Agent’s Badge – Physical

You’ll find this evidence by scanning Tony’s followers in Episode 8. Once you locate the one with a warrant, arrest him, then search him to find the badge.

Boomer’s Dossier – Document

You’ll find this file inside the mobile trailer in the southeastern corner of Tony’s compound in Episode 8. Boomer's Dossier is on a table.

Torture Room – Physical

From the place you find your gear in Episode 8, head into the compound and locate the ladder on the side of a trailer. Climb up onto the roof and then enter the upper levels of the next home to find the room with a chair, table, and various other torture equipment sitting around.

Cell Phone – Physical

While in the same home as the torture equipment in Episode 8, look in the corners for a stereo and lamp sitting on a small cabinet. It's here that players can find the Cell Phone.

License Plate – Physical

After the gas station assault in Episode 8, run around the building to the far side and scan the trunk area of the beat-up sedan. We're pretty sure you can find the license plate from here.

AFT Agent’s Grave – Physical

Find the ATF Agent's Grave across from the gas station, near the burnt down house in Episode 8. Locate the mound of dirt with the shovel jutting from the ground off to the left.

Ricin Bomb – Trace

The final piece of evidence in this Case File can be found by entering the hangar at the airfield, then turning left and looking for a workbench in the corner. Find the Ricin Bomb sitting in a box.

Case File: Preferred Outcomes

It probably goes without saying, but try to make sure that any hostiles are dead (or in custody) before searching for Evidence.

Staffing Chart – Document

Once you enter the loading dock in Episode 9: Independence Day, you’ll want to head into the security room and take out the single guard. Once he’s down search the desk to find this collectible.

Box of Books – Document

Moving along in Episode 9, you’ll want to move around the building and into the back alley. Take out the guards here, then search the nearby box of books just in front of the two dumpsters.

Letter from Chicago Politician – Document

Still making your way through Episode 9, enter the corner office of the 20th floor to find a tablet on the desk. Scan the tablet to pick up the Letter from Chicago Politician.

Revenue Sketch – Document

While still on the 20th floor in Episode 9, head to the meeting room in the farthest corner from the elevator. You’ll need to use your Scanner on the whiteboard to find this Revenue Sketch and bag it into evidence.

Notice of Transfer – Document

To find this document you’ll need to head to the 19th floor of the high-rise building featured in Episode 9. Here you’ll find a suspect named John Starnes, who happens to have a Warrant out for his arrest. Take him down and search him to find this Notice of Transfer.

Photo of Dawes’ Dying Wife – Document

This document is found inside the bedroom located on the Penthouse floor in Episode 9. Just head out of the office and into the room to find it situated next to a bedside lamp.

Bank Website – Document

While playing through Episode 9, head into the office on the left-hand side of the vault on the Penthouse floor. Here you will find an open laptop sitting on a desk. Analyze it to grab this collectible.

Photograph of Dawes’ Wife – Document

Head to the farthest end of the office on floor 21 of the high-rise building in episode 9. You’re going to be looking out for a picture frame sitting beside a couple of wine bottles near the elevator. Scan the picture to gather this piece of evidence.

Fax from Neil Roark – Document

Moving onward to Episode 10: Legacy, you’re going to want to head inside the back building with the alarm box when you come to the roadblock. Move over to the desk and scan the piece of paper sitting on the fax machine to grab this evidence and drop it into the Case File.

Summons from the IRS – Document

Once you have reached the pedestrian bridge in Episode 10, you’re going to head into the building to your right. To find this collectible you’ll want to search the shelf behind the bar and then scan the Summons from the IRS when you find it.

Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza – Document

Continue through Episode 10 until you reach the utility complex. Now head to the southeastern building and enter it to find a desk with a stack of papers sitting beside a monitor. Scan the papers to find this collectible.

Surveillance Log – Document

To find the final piece of evidence and complete this Case File you’ll need to head to the northern side of the mansion in Episode 10: Legacy. Take out your Grappling Hook and use it to gain access to the rooftop. Once you’re on the rooftop head into the double glass doors to enter the 4th floor area and nab this Surveillance Log off of the coffee table.

That will do it for all of the Evidence and Case Files in Battlefield Hardline. Of course, the game does give players more to look for in the single-player campaign, such as the Suspects with Warrants that fall more into the challenge category. The good news is that we've already tackled them all, so feel free to head over to that guide and get started.

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