Battlefield Hardline – Find and Arrest All 21 Suspects with Warrants

Battlefield Hardline – Find and Arrest All 21 Suspects with Warrants

Identify and arrest all the Suspects with Warrants in Battlefield Hardline.

As you make your way through the single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline, you’re bound to come into contact with quite a few nasty criminals. Some, however, are a little nastier than others and have managed to earn themselves warrants. These Suspects with Warrants come with two extra trophies and massive amounts of points, so you’re going to need to get your head in the game and locate all 21 found in the Battlefield Hardline single-player campaign.


  • Watched, Dawg – Identify 10 Warrants with the Scanner
  • Bring ‘em to Justice – Capture all Warrants alive in single-player

In order to make this guide easy to follow and understand, we’ll be breaking the Suspects with Warrants up by the story episode in which they appear. Remember that you’ll need to take these criminals down with non-lethal measures if you want to score the arrest and earn the collectible.

Of course, Suspects with Warrants aren't the only collectibles that the game has to offer. There is also all of the Evidence and Case Files that gamers will need to complete.

Suspects with Warrants can be identified using the Scanner.

Episode 1: Back to School

Lawrence Kent

Once Tap is inside the school completing his objective, two vehicles will enter the courtyard. Pull out your Scanner and analyze the passenger in the right rear seat of the car to identify this warrant. Wait until he gets into place guarding the schoolyard exit before taking him down.

Episode 2: Checking Out

Javier Rosado

Once you’ve taken down the two men just inside the hotel lobby, pull out your Scanner and check the criminals by the exit to find this suspect. Take out the enemies in this room before you approach the final duo of guards and make the arrest.

Gary Volker

Once you’ve found Leo on the second floor you’ll need to wait for a group of criminals to enter the building below you. Scan each of them as they walk in, then use distractions and non-lethal takedowns to make your way to the suspect with a Warrant.

Episode 3: Gator Bait

Luis Minguez

After you make your way over the fence at the nature reserve, scan the three criminals ahead to find this suspect, then take him out in a non-lethal way to score the arrest.

Thomas Bell

Mr. Bell can be found standing with a group of his peers in the middle of the gator farm. Once again, be sure to utilize distraction techniques and non-lethal attacks to bring him down.

Nathan Brown

This Suspect with a Warrant will be hiding out near the big barn at the back of the sawmill. If he's available for arrest, do so, otherwise hit him with the T62 CEW.

Make sure all Suspects with Warrants are taken alive for them to count towards the trophies listed above.

Episode 4: Case Closed

Phillip Evans

This suspect will be standing guard near the alarm box at the front of the Domo Roboto Warehouse. Players should also disable the alarm while they're in the area.

Leonard Miller

To find this criminal you’ll want to scan the group of crooks patrolling near the front of the mill. Wait for them to separate, or use some trickery to force them to part ways before making the arrest.

Frankie Diaz

This suspect is hanging around on the 1st floor of the mall. There are guards patrolling above him, so you’ll want to deal with them before taking him out in a non-lethal way.

Xavier Gonzalez

When you’re looking down into the food court at the final group of Neltz’ men, find this suspect by scanning the criminal to your left. Now, get to work figuring out how to isolate him.

Episode 6: Out of Business

Edgar Kwok

Head up the stairs to the right of the salvage yard’s warehouse and enter the upstairs office. Scan the criminals on the first floor to find Edgar Kwok standing along the far wall.

James Mun

You’ll spot this criminal hanging out around the back of the salvage yard garage. Analyze him with the Scanner to find the Warrant, then arrest him to earn the collectible.

Ji-hun Oh

Look out for the criminal patrolling around alarm box inside the chop shop. You’ll want to deal with the guards outside before luring him out, scanning him, and then arresting him with a non-lethal takedown.

If one of the Suspects with Warrants is surrounded by his pals, use a distraction technique to draw him away.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

Cameron Briller

After you exit the meeting in Roark’s mansion, look for the two guys sitting on the chairs in the first floor living room. Scan them to find that one has a Warrant, then approach them from the stairs and take them down non-lethally.

Marvin Thomas

Analyze the two men at the tennis courts to find a Suspect with Warrant, then flash your badge to have them Freeze. Arrest the suspect, as well as his buddy since you're already there.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land

Jim Preston

Use your Scanner to tag the guys inside the compound before you move in. Once you’ve located this suspect and grabbed your gear, lure him into the mobile home and cuff him.

Episode 9: Independence Day

Derek Kelly

This suspect is hiding among the guards inside the lobby. Lure him away from any other guards and take him down non-lethally to nab this warrant.

John Starnes

Once you’ve ridden the elevator up to floor 20, turn right and tag all the guards below you. Now make your way through these fools by taking them down non-lethally, finally arresting the suspect.

Episode 10: Legacy

Howard White

Tag all of the criminals around the roadblock to find Howard White hanging out near the alarm box. Move around the outer edge, taking out any guards using non-lethal techniques, then freezing the final two guys to nab this suspect.

Lyle Feldman

As you tag the crooks around the cabanas you’ll notice this suspect hanging around in the very center. Take out the criminals around the outside until the middle two are all that is left. Now move in, flash your badge, and arrest them.

Craig Foster

The final Suspect with a Warrant is busy roaming around the northeast area of the utility complex. Scan him from outside the fence, then lure him out of the compound to easily take him down in a non-lethal manner.

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