Battletech Designer Accused of Sexual Harassment Resigns: "Believe Every Accusation"

Battletech Designer Accused of Sexual Harassment Resigns: "Believe Every Accusation"

Harebrained Schemes also issued a statement.

Harebrained Schemes, the developers behind BattleTech, have announced that it has parted ways with game designer Tyler Carpenter who in the last 24 hours has been accused by at least six women on social media for sexual abuse and harassment. Carpenter admitted to these accusations and resigned from Harebrained Schemes [HBS].

In a statement to Waypoint Carpenter said, "My bullshit is not the kind of thing HBS stands for or tolerates, and HBS had no idea any of this happened." Carpenter added that there doesn't have to be any inquiry "because, frankly, everything is true."

Harebrained Schemes issued a statement on Twitter that announced it will be parting with a developer accused of sexual impropriety. Though the statement doesn't name Carpenter. You can read the statement below.

Harebrained Schemes was recently acquired by Paradox Interactive, but when reached for comment Paradox told Waypoint that "All of this too place prior to the acquisition deal between Paradox and Harebrained Schemes being finalized, so therefore Paradox have no comment to make."

Carpenter's actions are extensively detailed at Waypoint, but he has admitted to sexually harassing women in the Seattle game scene, making inappropriate comments about them publicly, emotionally manipulating at least six women, and groping. Previous complaints against Carpenter had resulted in Carpenter being dropped from various RPG projects.

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