Bayonetta and Fire Emblem Fates' Kamui Confirmed for Super Smash Bros

Bayonetta and Fire Emblem Fates' Kamui Confirmed for Super Smash Bros

The final Direct for Super Smash Bros has aired. Maybe people will finally let Sakurai sleep.

Today, Nintendo held its final Direct briefing for Super Smash Bros. That means after this there will be no new characters, stages, or content. They're done. Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai can move on to something else in Nintendo, like Smash Bros for the NX.

First up, Cloud will be available for download in Super Smash Bros this evening. Cloud will rock three different costumes: his classic Final Fantasy VII look and his updated Advent Children costume, with and without the sleeve covering his geostigma. Cloud's Limit Break ability works like Little Mac's Power Meter, so as he deals or takes damage, the Limit Gauge will fill up. Once it's full, Cloud's stats are boosted and whichever special you use first will turn into its stronger Limit Break version.

In addition, Cloud's Midgar Stage will be available. The special stage mechanic involves summon Materia. Collecting the Materia brings out the special Final Fantasy summons, which affect the stage in various ways. Ifrit tilts the stage with burning fire, Ramuh shocks the floating platforms and moves them, Odin cuts the stage in half, Leviathan creates a rapid current in the stage, and Bahamut Zero does an orbital beam attack. Whoever collected the summon Materia will gain points whenever a fighter falls prey to the stage mechanics.

Corrin, the lead character in the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates, will be joining the roster. (The character is known in Japan as Kamui.) Corrin joins Ike, Marth, Lucina, Robin, and Roy as the sixth Fire Emblem character in the game. Corrin can fight using his sword, Omega Yato, or use his Dragon Fang powers to morph into different forms. And don't worry Fire Emblem fans, you can choose to play either male or female Corrin in the game! Corrin comes to Super Smash Bros in February 2016.

Bayonetta, one of the more obvious additions to Super Smash Bros, has finally been announced as the game's last character. According to Sakurai during the direct, Bayonetta was the overall #1 character chosen in the Super Smash Bros character poll. She'll feature her Bayonetta 1 and 2 outfits and be available alongside a stage patterned after the falling clock tower opening from Bayonetta 1.

Bayonetta uses her guns for her primary attacks, while her Smash attacks are all based on her magical hair. She also has access to Witch Time, which slows down an opponent's attack when she dodges; if she dodges too late, she'll turn into a flurry of bats to reduce damage. Bayonetta will be the final character, released in February 2016, bringing the game's total roster to 58 fighters!

In Amiibo news, the Amiibos for Roy, Rob, and Ryu will be coming on March 18, 2016. They will be joined at a future date by Amiibos for Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta!

Finally, there are more Mii fighter costumes coming. The first is patterned off of Geno from Super Mario RPG for Super Nintendo and is available for Gunner characters today. There's a Chocobo Hat for any Mii Fighter coming today as well. There's also Bionic Armor coming for all Brawler characters, a Knuckles outfit for male Brawlers, Takamaru clothing and Tower of Druaga armor for male Sword Fighters, a Tails outfit for male Gunners, and Ashley from Wario Ware garb for female Sword Fighters, all in February 2016.

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