Be Awed by These Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers

Be Awed by These Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers

Sadly, Baron Von Brunk did not include instructions on how to make these.

Anyone who tells you that Lego bricks are exclusively for kids probably has never met an Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL). For all intents and purposes, these guys (and girls) are Minecraft virtuosos transplanted into the fleshy world. Over the last few years, these grown-up enthusiasts have come up with a multitude of things: functional wheelchairs, mind-numbingly complicated replicas of Hogwarts, mechas, working cameras and more. Baron von Brunk is one of the many who rank among their number and there is no doubt that his latest creation will do his hobby proud.

Made for the Toy Brick Contest, Baron von Brunk's latest creation is actually a quartet of characters. First, we have Ultra Hexagon, who is the Nintendo 64 console itself, his trusty controller Tetragon and a pair of transforming game packs named Hot-Shot and Mecha Kong. I'm not really sure what to tell you if you wanted me to declare what I loved best about these LEGOformers. The fact they're proportionate to authentic N64 components? The way they're capable of transforming from robot to accessory and back without losing parts? The complete absence of glue, paint or 3rd party custom pieces in their genetic structure? How do you even begin?

Though probably best known for his gargantuan Lego NES coffee table-sized controller (which, if I may add, is also fully functional), Baron von Brunk's newest delight isn't his first attempt at merging Transformers with anachronistic hardware. He's done a few other LEGOformers before and at least one of them comes with actual instructions.

LEGOformers, Nostalgia inducers in disguise

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