Below Players Are Banding Together to Create a Map of Every Floor

It's dangerous to go alone.

Below is a difficult game, and at times it gets tricky to see where you're going, not to mention whether you're heading in the "right" direction. Thankfully, the Below community have come together on Reddit, to create a makeshift map of the game.

Below stealth released (sort of) last week on December 14 for Xbox One and PC, available immediately through the Xbox Game Pass. It's a tricky little dungeon crawler, that melds permadeath with exploration of a winding cave system, with the promise of greater loot and challenges waiting for you as you venture further and further below.

It also has no in-game map. Below can be incredibly difficult to navigate, hence the making of the makeshift map over on Reddit. "Hello adventurers! As you've begun exploring the depths below you have inevitably started to scribble in the margins and sketch out maps for your playthroughs," writes map creator 'statenocity.'

"I have worked off of Post-It notes for the past 2 days and took some time to transfer everything into a Google Drawing that will allow others to comment with corrections and notes," continues the post. Click here if you want to check out the in-progress map of Below from the user, who has so far made it to level 6 and the Ruined City in Below.

If you're looking for an additional helping hand with the latest project from Capybara Games, you can head over to our Below beginner's guide, which aims to help you with finding a lantern, crafting, and more.

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