Best Black Friday PS4, Xbox One, and PC Deals 11/21/16

Best Black Friday PS4, Xbox One, and PC Deals 11/21/16

Cheap offers on Xbox One S, PS4 Slim, Rainbow Six Siege, The Sims, and more.

Welcome to Monday! We’ve collectively made it through November and currently stand at the beginning of Black Friday week. While many enthusiastic retailers couldn’t keep their deals under wraps before this point, this will be the week when the rest of them jump into the Black Friday paddling pool to join the fun. From here on, expect the deals to get more frequent, the discounts to get steeper and the stock to start selling out at a much faster pace as each day goes past.

As always, we’ll be talking about gaming stuff here, but there’s plenty of other techy or non-gaming related deals going on too. If you’d like to have a browse of some of those, head over to Jelly Deals, where we’ll be keeping tabs on everything from bluetooth headphones to toasters. We also have pages dedicated to PS4 and Xbox One deals right here on the site.

Bundle Stars Black Friday Offers (Enter BLACKFRIDAY11 at checkout for an extra 11% off)

Bundle Stars is kicking off its range of Black Friday offers today with some discounts on key indie titles. We’ll be keeping an eye on the site, as new deals are expected to show up each day, but in the meantime all of the below can be grabbed right now. On top of the saving already listed, you can enter code BLACKFRIDAY11 during checkout to take an additional 11% off the price listed.

Xbox One S 1TB Battlefield 1 console for $299.99 from Amazon US

If you like your gaming consoles to be in non-standard colours and have a bit of a thing for olive drab, head over to Amazon US right now where you can grab an Xbox One S 1TB console with Battlefield 1 in that olive drab/military green colour scheme for $299.99 as a pre-Black Friday offer.

Xbox One S 1TB with Gears of War 4, Star Wars Battlefront, selected 4K blu-ray and controller for $299.32 from Walmart

If you prefer a more standardised console colour, Walmart has a bit of a fantastic bundle on site at the moment. For $299.32, you can get an Xbox One S 1TB console with Gears of War 4, Star Wars Battlefront, a selected 4K blu-ray of your choice and a third party controller. For the amount of stuff you get, that price ain’t half bad to say the least. Some choices of extra game and controller are available but increase the price slightly.

PS4 Slim with Uncharted 4

If you want to get your hands on a cheap PS4 Slim, this deal over at eBay is pretty unbeatable. For just $239.99, you can buy yourself a PS4 Slim console with a copy of the rather good Uncharted 4.

Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 for $15.99 from Rakuten

If you like your PC games to be played with a controller rather than the typical mouse and keyboard setup but at the same time, absolutely despise cables, you may want to invest in an Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. These little black rectangles will plug into your PC and let you use an Xbox One controller wirelessly. Rakuten is currently selling them for $15.99, down from the traditional $25.

Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One for $19 from Amazon US

Even cheaper than the game is reduced to in the current Xbox Live Gold sale, Rainbow Six Siege is available on Amazon US currently for its lowest ever price, just $19. Fresh off the heels of its free to play weekend, this might be the perfect way to kill some time (and various online opponents) in the upcoming holidays.

The Sims 4 on PC for $14.99 from Amazon US

Fans of doll houses and megalomania, rejoice! The Sims 4 is down to an all-time low price of $14.99 for Amazon Prime members right no. With all that lovely Prime shipping available, you’ll be removing ladders from swimming pools in no time.

That’s all for today, folks. We’ll be back tomorrow for more of the best of the Black Friday offerings. The nature of Black Friday deals being what they are, any of these deals can (and probably will) sell out quickly, so be sure to jump on something you like when you see it. If you want to stay as up to date as possible with the Black Friday deals as they arrive, head over to Jelly Deals or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

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