Best Bugs We've Found in Fallout 76 So Far

Best Bugs We've Found in Fallout 76 So Far

"My character is invisible, has creepy hands"

We knew bugs were going to be in Fallout 76. We knew because Bethesda told us there would be, and that they would be spectacular. We collected a few of them below, but if you're playing Fallout 76 no doubt you've come across some yourself already.

Fallout 76 is out now, and players are exploring Appalachia, the post-apocalyptic region formerly known as West Virginia. Some started playing at launch, while others got a head start during the beta. We previewed Fallout 76 in the beta ourselves and found our fair share of mishaps, though they were graphically related.

The bugs in Fallout 76 that players are posting now are on another level. The most prominent might be the power armor bug that turns your character into a very strange looking creature that's kind of reminiscent of Kanye West in that weird Roblox music video? Have a look yourself.

Apparently some players discovered that stepping out of your power armor warps your character into this top-heavy block person.

Other bugs are reminiscent of the ones in previous Fallout games. Considering that Fallout 76 shares an engine with Fallout 4 that might not be a huge surprise. In fact, a speed bug during the beta needed to be patched out even thought it was the same as one found in earlier Bethesda games.

These bugs include weird texture glitches, characters who bug out in weird ways, and even an instance of one player warping in an unbreakable house-turned-prison.

There are serious bugs that we hope will get fixed soon. Plenty of players have said that they are being disconnected from servers and stability does seem to be a problem. Bethesda on their part are committed to Fallout 76 as a service and say that more updates will be released as players continue to explore the game.

For more on Fallout 76 check out our review-in-progress, or check out our Fallout 76 guide for tips and tricks.

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