Best Buy is Giving Away a PlayStation Classic for Free if You Buy a PS4 Pro

Best Buy is Giving Away a PlayStation Classic for Free if You Buy a PS4 Pro

A PlayStation double-feature.

It's easier than ever to get a PlayStation Classic for free, granted you're also in the market for a PlayStation 4 Pro. Starting today, April 29, Best Buy is giving away a free PlayStation Classic with the purchase of a PS4 Pro console.

There won't be a PlayStation 5 in the next 12 months, so why not take a half upgrade to a PlayStation 4 Pro and enjoy the benefits of 4K gaming and 1TB storage? If that's what you're thinking, here's a chance to get two PlayStation consoles for the price of one. Though it's been noted that if you're uninterested in the PlayStation Classic, you can opt-out of it and just go ahead with purchasing a PS4 Pro by itself.

The PlayStation Classic was Sony's take on the mini retro console fad popularized by Nintendo with their line of NES and SNES Classic machines. Sony's device was also a small version of the original PlayStation console, but the odd emulation decisions and boring 20-game library the PlayStation Classic shipped with failed to excite fans.

The PlayStation Classic launched for $99.99 last December, but prices have quickly come down since. It's easy to find a PlayStation Classic for $40 or less. One U.K. retailer even gave away the PS Classic for free with the purchase of a 12-month phone and 30-day SIM plan.

Either way, this deal seems more like a way for a retailer to get rid of some stock, rather than entice customers to purchase a PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is quite a good console and it's worth an upgrade if you don't see yourself purchasing a PS5 at launch. And while the PS Classic is a nice add-on, it's also available for rather cheap now. So it's not like you're missing out on anything if you decide to pass on the deal.

If the Best Buy PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation Classic deal does interest you though, you can snatch it up on Best Buy's site. There is no listed end date, so it's likely until supplies last.

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