Best Buy's Discounting the Latest iPad Pro by $100

Best Buy's Discounting the Latest iPad Pro by $100

Prices start at $549.99.

If you're one of the many people out there with a particular fondness of all kinds of gadgety tech stuff, this one might be your kind of thing.

Best Buy is currently discounting the price of Apple's latest (2017) iPad Pro by $100. That brings the price down to a much more reasonable $549.99.

That price is specifically on the 64GB 10.5" WiFi version of the 2017 iPad Pro, by the way. That one is available in Gold, Rose GOld, Silver or Space Gray on the Best Buy site. The 12.9" iPad Pro is also discounted, but that one will still cost you a cool $700.

It's generally pretty rare to see discounts on Apple products so when they do come along, they're always welcome. That doesn't make them cheap by any stretch of the imagination, just a little better value.

iPad Pro (10.5" 2017 model) for $549.99 from Best Buy

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