Best Fallout 4 PC Mods

Best Fallout 4 PC Mods

The Fallout 4 mod community is buzzing along. Try out the best of these performance-enhancing PC downloads.

It took no time at all for the Fallout 4 community to start modding Bethesda's highly-anticipated wasteland adventure.

Some of these early mods make graphical enhancements, while others clean up some of Bethesda's bugs and oversights. If you have a specific problem with Fallout 4, fans may have already supplied you with a way to fix it. Take a look, Vault dweller.

Note: Bethesda has yet to release official modding tools for Fallout 4, so installing current mods (including the ones listed) is a bit of a crapshoot. Corrupted save data and other problems may occur. Follow the modders' instructions carefully, and install mods at your own risk.

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool

Get it here

The most popular entry amongst the selection of Fallout 4 mods isn't full of big noises and shiny things, but for some people, it vaults the game from "unplayable" to "ahh, much better."

The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool lets you tone and tweak dozens of game settings that are otherwise inaccessible, like resolution and mouse sensitivity. It addresses problems that Bethesda may fix itself over the coming weeks -- or maybe not. Either way, if you need to go in-depth with the game's settings, don't delay on this download.

True Storms Mod

Get it here

Thunderstorms are special events. Depending on the circumstances they erupt from, they can make your surroundings tense and frightening, or relaxing and peaceful. The True Storms mod improves the rain and thunder effects for Fallout 4's storms (both the regular kind and the kill-you radiation kind), making the wasteland seem more hostile and lonely, but savagely beautiful in its own cancer-inducing way.

Craftable Armor Size Mod

Get it here

This mod adds Light, Sturdy, and Heavy armor mods to the armor workbench.

"The reasoning behind this is easy," writes the mod's author, John Doe Bowler. "We can craft missile turrets using tin cans, but we cannot add a patch of leather under the Light Leather armor to make it Sturdy."

Fair enough. Get dressed.

Full Dialogue Interface Mod

Get it here

The Full Dialogue mod displays the entirety of your characters' dialogue choices instead of merely paraphrasing them. In other words, you can say exactly what you mean.

The mod also includes a variety of different dialogue layouts, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Enhanced Wasteland Mod

Get it here

Fallout 4's wasteland is already much more vibrant than the grey plains of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, but the Enhanced Wasteland mod kicks up Nature's (remaining) glory by another notch. Who says Hell has to be ugly?

Wasteland Grit Mod

Get it here

On the flipside, should a post-apocalyptic battleground really feel like a daycare playground? If you're the kind of person who loves the desolation of an overcast wasteland steeped in grey, the Gritty Wasteland mod turns reds into rust. Certainly a must-have for anyone who's nostalgic for the bones and ruins of Fallout 3.

Vendor Caps Mod

Get it here

If your preferred method of inventory management involves shuffling all your vendor trash onto some poor merchant, you probably want the Vendor Caps mod. When active, it lets you increase the base amount of caps that vendors keep on their person.

Water Enhancement Texture (WET) Mod

Get it here

This water-enhancing mod is a small add-on, but a compelling one if you're fond of the way Fallout 4 emphasizes Nature's struggle to return to some kind of normality. Improved textures and physics cause the game's water to realistically lap and shimmer at the remnants of human civilization. It looks good enough to drink -- though that's still not recommended without first performing the proper purification methods.

Enhanced Blood Textures Mod

Get it here

This mod delivers what it promises: Realistic and varied blood spatter, with optional (and subtle) flecks of screen-blood. Sure, it's fluff -- fluff of the runniest, reddest kind -- but if you plan to travel down a brutal road in Fallout 4, this mod is a perfect accompaniment.

Batch File All the Junk

Get it here

This batch file gives you immediate access to 1000 pieces of each junk item you can find scattered throughout Fallout 4. In other words, you can start crafting some pretty wicked stuff from the word "go."

Does using the file count as cheating? Technically yes, but think of it this way: Crafting is a new feature in the Fallout universe, and you might want to get a head start in the "How To" of the process.

If you use this batch file, use it responsibly. Vault Boy is watching you.

Darker Nights Mod

Get it here

The wasteland is lacking in abundant electrical lighting for obvious reasons, and the Darker Nights mod reflects that. When installed, this mod makes the surroundings darker -- and more dangerous -- at night. If you need a night-light, fear not: There are seven different settings, so you don't have to go full dark from the word "go."

The Darker Nights mod pairs well with the True Storms mod.

Ultra Low Graphics Mod

Get it here

If your desktop computer or laptop is on the crummy side but you don't want to play Fallout 4 on a console, the Ultra Low Graphics Mod may be what you need to let you access the game. Fewer shadows, reduced draw distance, and other tweaks lighten up performance requirements without making major sacrifices to visual quality. Definitely consider it if your computer is chunkin' along despite making standard setting adjustments.

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