Fortnite Playground Builds: The Best Fortnite Builds Including Mario, Link, and More

Fortnite Playground Builds: The Best Fortnite Builds Including Mario, Link, and More

The new limited time mode is letting players build to their heart's content.

Earlier today, Epic Games brought the Playground limited time mode (LTM) back online. The mode was created to be a practice area for players, allowing you to jump into an open map with three other friends. There you can practice your moves, test out mechanics, and build to your heart's content. Playground was previously available last week, but Epic took it down due to matchmaking issues.

Instead of training though, players have decided to use Playground to see what interesting objects they can build in-game. Since you don't have to worry about enemy players, you have the entire map to harvest and build, limited only by available resources and the hour-long storm timer.

So that's what players have been doing. With their hour and some industrious friends, they've been building structures for fun and memes. Here's just a few of the cool objects that players have already built with the Playground being live for one day.

Best Fortnite Playground Builds

Like players of Minecraft before them, the community of Fortnite Battle Royale is all about recreating beloved characters in-game, especially in 8-bit form. This is easier because 8-bit characters are made of a small number of square pixels in their original forms, so they're easier to reproduce. Mario and Link have already been created within Fortnite.

8-Bit Mario:

8-Bit Link:

Some structures reference Fortnite itself, like this series of statues representing the Llama pinatas in the game.

The Llames Are Marching:

Finally, some players are using the Playground mode to see just how big they can go. The Fortnite map is finite in every direction; the sides are partially defined by where the island ends, but there's also a max height. This group of players built a massive pyramid stretching to the maximum map height. You can see familiar Fortnite structures near the pyramid, showing you how huge it truly is.

Big Pyramid:

Bring Back *Insert Beloved Structure Here*

One hook that Fortnite Battle Royale has over its competition is the constantly-changing map. Epic Games has removed buildings and regions, or made tweaks here and there. This helps keep Fortnite fresh, but it means if you really enjoyed a specific region, like the old Dusty Depot, you'll find yourself missing what once was.

Some Playground patrons have used the mode to build monuments to their favorite Fortnite locations. Dusty Depot, the Factories, and even the recently-destroyed Prison have all been rebuilt using the materials at hand.

The Prison:

The Factories:

Race To The Finish

Back at the end of May, Epic Games added the first real vehicle to Fortnite Battle Royale: the Shopping Cart. While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was built around the idea of the occasional vehicle, Fortnite was originally rooted in the vehicle-less Save the World mode. When Battle Royale appeared, the map was sized to assume a lack of vehicles. Things changed slightly with the Shopping Cart, which can be pushed and ridden. It's especially fun if you have a ramp or other steep incline to work with, but generally players don't have time to build such things.

Shopping Cart Raceways:

With Playground mode, players are now building huge ramps to propel themselves to great heights. They're crafting shopping cart race tracks to enjoy with their friends.

Some are even adding Bounce Pads to their structures to build these huge Rube Goldberg machines. The combination of a Shopping Cart, ramp, and carefully-placed set of Bounce Pads can create some great sequences.

Do The Mario:

Unfortunately, the Playground remains a limited time mode for the game, but perhaps Epic Games will decide that it's worth keeping around in some format. Especially since the Fortnite community seems to enjoy the hell out of it.

Fortnite Season 4 will be ending sometime this month, so if you need help with the weekly challenges, we've got you covered right here. Season 5 will be kicking off on Thursday, July 12, though we currently don't know what shape that season will take. There have been some reality-bending shenanigans going on in the current map though...

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