Best Gaming and Tech Deals of the Week 11/4/16

Best Gaming and Tech Deals of the Week 11/4/16

FIFA 17, Indie Legends 5 Bundle, Until Dawn, Atari Vault, Firewatch, NVIDIA Shield, and more!

We’re in November now, which means it’s approaching the time when we all stop and start to think about Game of the Year awards. This year gave us a whole lot of choices and some genuine surprises. DOOM delivered on its promises of a solid campaign, Dragon Quest Builders brought us back to colorful worlds again, and Far Cry Primal did a thing. Remember that one? Anyways, it’s time again for another set of the week’s best deals, so let’s get to it.

Humble Day of the Devs Bundle from Humble Bundle

Day of the Devs is a joint effort between Double Fine and iam8bit, celebrating a bunch of indie games in ways that only Tim Schafer could have planned. There will be games, there will be fun, there will be music. If, however, you’re not in San Francisco and unable to actually attend, you can still head over to Humble Bundle this weekend and pick up the Day of the Devs 2016 bundle for whatever price you like. With it, you’ll get seven fairly fantastic games including some Double Fine classics such as Grim Fandango Remastered and Broken Age.

Day of the Devs 2016 Complete your Bundle from Steam

If you already have some of these titles, Double Fine’s letting you ‘complete your bundle’ through Steam, with a big ol’ discount of 93% off the total.

Indie Legends 5 Bundle for $3.49 from Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars has put together a pack of eight indie games they’re particularly fond of and they’d like to sell them to you for less than the price of lunch. Their Indie Legends 5 bundle includes the excellent Papo & Yo, the fantastically named Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball and a 10% voucher off your next Bundle Stars purchase, among others. All eight games will cost you $3.49 at the moment.

FIFA 17 on Xbox One for $38.99 from Xbox Live

Soccer! The beautiful game and all that. Honestly, you’ll probably already know whether you’re the type of person to want a copy of FIFA 17 and odds are good that, by now, you’ll already own it if you are. If however, for some unknown reason, you’d like a copy of the game on Xbox One and don’t already own it, it’s currently discounted over on Xbox Live to $38.99. So that’s a thing.

Atari Vault on PC (Steam) for $9.99 from Bundle Stars

For all of you that long for the golden age of video games, you should know that Atari Vault on PC is reduced by about half price, down to $9.99 over at Bundle Stars currently. What that means, is 100 Atari 2600 games available through Steam for under $10. We’re talking Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Warlords and more. You don’t have to be old enough to have played them in the arcade to remember these games, but this is definitely one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on them now.

Firewatch on PC for $11.99 from Steam

What is Firewatch? Well, for starters, Firewatch is a game in which you can steal a boombox from skinny dipping teenagers and throw it into a lake. Firewatch is a game in which you can adopt a pet turtle and name it Turt Reynolds. Firewatch is a game featuring the artwork of Olly Moss. But most of all, Firewatch is a narrative-driven adventure about human beings, loss and relationships. And turtles. It’s 40% off this weekend on Steam, making it $11.99.

Buy two get one free sale on video games and board games from Target

Target has apparently decided that the beginning of November is a great time to have a sale on video games and board games. Quite a significant sale, actually, since it covers every game that’s currently in stock. If you pick up two video games or two board games, you’ll be able to get a third of each kind, absolutely free. Since this offer covers the entire inventory of the company, it’s definitely worth a look.

NVIDIA Shield 500GB for $239.98 with two accessories

This one takes a little planning, but it’ll net you a $60 discount on an NVIDIA Shield 500GB device. First, head over to the link below and add the NVIDIA Shield to your basket. Then, head back to the page and follow the link to the “25% off with accessories” offer, which will show you a range of accessories priced at a minimum of $9.99 each. Add two of these to your basket and your Shield will be discounted down to $239.98, the cheapest its been around lately.

Until Dawn on PS4 for $9.99 ($11.99 without PS Plus) from PlayStation Store

Until Dawn is an ode to schlocky teen horror movies and a game that manages to pay homage to countless horror tropes and still manage to be a super enjoyable experience with enough plot twists to keep you coming back for more. It also stars Rami Malek, who’s since gone on to international acclaim as the monotoned voice protagonist of the show Mr. Robot. So that’s nice. Until Dawn is currently reduced to $9.99 for PS Plus members and $11.99 for non-Plus members.

Rosewill mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX black switches for $64.99 with $40 rebate from NewEgg

Mechanical keyboards tend to be known for two things. Firstly, they’re loud. So loud. So clicky. Secondly, they’re expensive. Quite why someone would fork out a hundred or so dollars for an extra loud and abrasive keyboard is something that you’ll probably only understand once you’ve spent time actually typing on one of these clicky keyboards. Fortunately, NewEgg’s current offer of a $40 rebate on this Rosewill keyboard with Cherry MX black switches brings the overall price down to $25, making it the cheapest way to try out a mechanical keyboard in a long time.

Okay, that’s all for another week. As usual, please keep in mind that deals, prices and availability can change at any time, so sorry if that happens on any of the above. I’ll be over at Jelly Deals, scouring the information super-highway for more deals. Feel free to follow us over at Twitter or Facebook. See you next week!

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