The Best Guns and Gadgets in Battlefield Hardline

The Best Guns and Gadgets in Battlefield Hardline

The best guns and gadgets for each of the four classes in Battlefield Hardline.

It’s tough to sit down and write a list of the best guns in a first person shooter. Every gamer has a different play-style, so the gun that works best for me might not be the one that performs well for you. With that in mind, we dug through the stats to bring you the best guns in Battlefield Hardline. Keep in mind that we're looking at the statistics behind the weapons, and those tend to change as the developer introduces new game updates to balance the experience. We'll do our best to visit this topic again and make sure the information is always fresh.

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The Operator Class

The Operator class functions as the Assault or Medic class. This class specializes in Assault Rifles and Carbines. It was a close matchup, but the most powerful weapon is the AKM, which only takes three bullets to kill from within thirty meters. The only problem is the gun is a Criminals only weapon and will take 1,250 kills to unlock if you want to use it on the Cops side.

The Enforcer Class

The Enforcer serves as a support class. This play-style focuses on ammunition and high-powered machine guns. While you have the option of using Shotguns in this class, we decided to steer clear of them and instead focus on the other weapons. While the HCAR and SCAR-H feature the same amount of bullets-to-kill, boasting only three well-placed shots to take a target down up to thirty meters away, the HCAR comes out on top for the highest accuracy.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic, or Engineer class if we're comparing with Battlefield 4, is known for its use of explosive weaponry to disable vehicles. Since Hardline focuses more on infantry-based combat, the RPG vanished from weapon slots everywhere. Never fear, because the Mechanic class is still worth a look, and the use of Personal Defense Weapons and grenade launchers make it a great go-between for those looking to experience the nice mix of infantry and vehicular based combat seen in many Hardline game modes.

Officer Nick Mendoza speaks with his Captain concerning a suspect.

PDWs, however, aren’t well known for their range, which makes the UMP-45 a great gun. The mix of medium damage output and unusual range for a PDW make it easy to pull off a kill with just three shots within a fifteen meter range.

The Professional

The Professional, or Recon class, is one of the most misunderstood classes on the battlefield. Featuring high-powered Sniper Rifles, support from these players can mean the difference between life and death. Of course, you have to find a player who is willing to support their team, and not just look for selfish headshots.

The top weapon for this class is the .300 Knockout, which can kill enemies up to fifty meters away with a single bullet. That makes this bolt-action Sniper Rifle top of its class, since none of the other bolt-actions featured in Battlefield Hardline pack such a high range of damage per bullet. The major problem that you'll run into, however, is unlocking it, as the .300 Knockout requires gamers to jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops.

The Best Gadget

A player ziplines across a gap between two buildings.

Since weapons and gadgets compliment each other quite nicely, we figured we should give the latter a quick mention. Don’t worry, we didn’t choose the Dino Mask this time around. Instead, we’ll look at the most versatile, non-class specific item that players can use. What item did we pick? The Zipline, of course.

Yes, the Zipline is the greatest gadget in Battlefield Hardline, and there are a number of reasons why. Reason One: the extreme versatility of the device makes it a must have for any objective based game mode. It is especially useful in Blood Money, Heist, and even Rescue.

Reason Two: the Zipline is useable not only by yourself, but also with teammates. This makes it an extremely useful and team-oriented device that can be used to transport your entire squad right into the middle of a battle. Our favorite times to use it are when the enemy tries to capture an objective in conquest, or while making that last minute escape from the top of the parking garage while playing Heist on Bank Job. If you're looking for a great companion gadget, try the Grappling Hook.

All told, it’s a very nifty tool that allows you to move in quickly and strike from a superior vantage point. You just have to hope you don't get shot while you're enjoying the ride.

If you're still debating whether or not Battlefield Hardline is worth picking up? We discuss our throughts in this in-depth review.

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