Bethesda Community Manager's Twitter Hacked in an Offensive Prank

Bethesda confirms that Gina Bruno's Twitter account was hacked and that the recent tweets are not hers.

Elder Scrolls Online community manager Gina Bruno's Twitter account was hacked and then used to falsely announce her resignation from Bethesda. The tweet was particularly shocking because it claimed the reason for resigning was due to a sexual assault. Bethesda employees, as well as Bruno herself, clarified on various channels that Bruno's Twitter account was hacked and compromised.

Following the new information Bruno's Twitter account has begun tweeting all manner of offensive content.

At 4:40pm PT Bruno's Twitter account tweeted, "I am awfully upset to post this but I am resigning from working for Bethesda. Some close to me may know that I am resigning due to the fact that I was sexually assaulted by a fellow Bethesda employee which I will not name but just know they are high up and they will be punished."

Considering the subject matter this was a very serious announcement, which makes the news that the tweet was a result of a hack all the more offensive. Bethesda, Bethesda employees, and Bruno herself confirmed that the tweet was a result of a hack and the recent tweets from Bruno's account are not from her.

"Hi everyone, thank you for the concern. I just want to say this is not true. My personal account was compromised tonight. I'm working with Twitter to regain ownership, but in the meantime, anything being posted in the past hour or so is not me," Bruno wrote from her account on the official Elder Scrolls Online forums.

Bethesda also confirmed that the tweets are a result of a hack and not from Bruno. She is also not resigning from Bethesda and the company is "working with her to help clear up the problem."

Bruno's clarification on the official ESO forums.

Since the clarification Bruno's Twitter account is no longer under any pretense of legitimacy and has begun posting offensive images and tweets. We will not be linking back to Bruno's Twitter account, but we hope the matter is resolved soon.

Sexual assault and harassment allegations are very serious and should not be used as fodder for pranks, hacks, or anything else. If you or someone you know have been affected by sexual violence please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1(800) 656-4673

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